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Cooking with The Sims 4

22 Sep

Hey there non-Simmers and fellow Simmers, The Sims 4 was released on September 2, and many Simmers have been cooking, partying, and doing what Sims (and their Simmers) do best in Willow Creek and Oasis Springs.  My play time didn’t begin until last Monday so I had a later start than I’d like. Sims intro The Sims 4 mood features makes the interactions between the Sims more amusing, and the build features make creating a house, or any building, faster and more intuitive.  Unfortunately, The Sims 4 received thousands of complaints from Simmers because of the new gameplay and features that are enjoyed in TS3 that won’t be available, or may never be available, or may only be available for a cost in TS4.

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Hello The Sims 4

7 Aug

Like any loyal Simmers out there, I can’t wait to say “Sul sul” to The Sims 4!  Having been a player of The Sims since the rollickin’ early 2000’s and having experienced the game play improve with each new generation, I’m over-excited about The Sims 4.  I had a blast with The Sims 3 and even made short videos.  Missed seeing them?  Here, click on the links: “Cooking with the Sims“, “Summer Isle with the Sims 3“, and “How to make wine with the Sims“.  I also made a couple of private short videos as gifts for friends… they’re private so no links for you.

Promotion for EA Maxis’ The Sims 4 is ramping up.  The Hubby pointed my attention to The Sims 4 – Weirder Stories Official Trailer opening up with “the least most interesting Sim in the world”.  But hot damn, can he make pancakes.

I don’t know how to say pancakes in Simlish, but chumcha is pizza, and shurb for shake, while being “so hungry” is zo hungwah.  You can now say, “Hello, so hungry. Pizza. Shake.” in Simlish: “Sul sul, zo hungwah. Chumchah! Shurb!”  Okay, dag dag.

Year of the Pony

31 Jan

It’s that time of the year again when the new year rings and the old year moves on.  And to think that it was just the New Year 30 days ago.  Isn’t it great to have many different calendars?!

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone!  It’s the Year of the Horse, or the Year of the Pony as I like to call it.  Indeed, I’m a proud “Pegasis”, and if I were male, I’d be a “Brony”.  No links attached.  Go and look them up.

To celebrate the Year of the Pony, here’s a nice animated musical for you all, presenting none other than My Little Ponies.


The episode that the song came from presents a parable on moving on.  Think about having high expectations, the expectations not becoming realized, and coming to terms with disappointments.  Pretty deep for an animation that targets young girls, huh.  It’s the new year, after all.  What better time to philosophize.

One of my girlfriends quoted one of her friends and sent me a creative greeting – “May the horse be with you,” she texted.  I love it!  So then… Wishing everyone a lucky Year of the Horse!  May the horse be with us all!

Yellow Watermelon

4 Sep

Imagine my surprise when I sighted yellow watermelons in Trader Joe’s (Issaquah).  The Hubby and I almost left TJ’s without grabbing one.  Interestingly enough, as soon as I cradled it in my arm, The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine wormed its way in my head, and I’ve been humming it ever since.  Don’t know how the song Yellow Submarine goes?  Watch someone’s Lego musical version below and get the song in your head too.

I suppose my musical ohrwurm will be free when we run out of yellow watermelons.  For the love of watermelons, I posted an article about the popular summer fruit last summer.  I learned a few things, including but not limited to watermelons having a “Viagra-effect.”  (If you’re a guy, don’t even think about stuffing yourself silly with watermelon for the purple pill effect.  Here’s why.)

What makes yellow watermelons different from red watermelons?  Taste wise, it has a pronounced dry sweetness that comes off subtle at first.  Its color is tricky in that your taste would expect it to be on the sour side.  Just think of all the yellow fruits that you know, all of them are sour, right?  (Not considering bananas.)  In fact, looking at a slice of yellow watermelon reminds me of pineapple.  This is my million dollar question that I couldn’t find the answer on: would yellow watermelons have the same nutritional content as red watermelons?  I searched the USDA National Nutrient Database but it doesn’t have any info specific to yellow watermelons, it does have data on raw watermelon and watermelon seeds.  I wonder if it’s all right for me to assume that the USDA data on raw watermelon covers both red and yellow, hmmm…

All this mention of yellow is churning my noggin into thinking up of songs with yellow in the lyrics such as “…they call it mellow yellow…,” “…it was that itsy-bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini…,” “look at the stars, look how they shine for you, and everything you do, yeah they were all yellow…”

“We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine…”

How to make wine with the Sims

16 Sep

Hey there winos!  Sorry to break it to you but I shamelessly lied and also there are no alcoholic bevs in any Sim games, after all The Sims video games are age-friendly.  No worries though, there are juice (from the juice bar) and “nectar” available.  In The Sims 3 World Adventures, your Sims can jetset to any of the three exciting locales: Al Simhara, Egypt; Shang Simla, China; and Champs Le Sims, France.  Only three international destinations are available at this time, but who knows what those amazing Maxis devs and producers are cooking up.  For those Sims lovers out there who can’t wait for new exotic worlds, download this, and to quote the great Captain Picard, “Make it so.”

Whereas I can wait for new locations.  For now, my Sims are traipsing about in the available worlds.  Here’s one in Champs Le Sims, where the sim learned how to make nectar.  Happy watching!