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How to make wine with the Sims

16 Sep

Hey there winos!  Sorry to break it to you but I shamelessly lied and also there are no alcoholic bevs in any Sim games, after all The Sims video games are age-friendly.  No worries though, there are juice (from the juice bar) and “nectar” available.  In The Sims 3 World Adventures, your Sims can jetset to any of the three exciting locales: Al Simhara, Egypt; Shang Simla, China; and Champs Le Sims, France.  Only three international destinations are available at this time, but who knows what those amazing Maxis devs and producers are cooking up.  For those Sims lovers out there who can’t wait for new exotic worlds, download this, and to quote the great Captain Picard, “Make it so.”

Whereas I can wait for new locations.  For now, my Sims are traipsing about in the available worlds.  Here’s one in Champs Le Sims, where the sim learned how to make nectar.  Happy watching!