The Rose Garden Tea Room

19 Apr

How do you like your tea and how do you imagine drinking it?  At The Rose Garden Tea Room, you can have your mini cakes and eat them too, and obviously, it’s where you can have your tea and drink it too.  In fact, you can have your choice from five types of hot tea: Strawberry Kiwi, Rose, ApricotEstate Black, and Mandarin Rooibos. At that time, I liked my tea non-caffeinated so I went with the strawberry kiwi – it was lovely, tangy, and pink in color.  Our amiable hostess said that the kids love it very sweet.  The kid in me likes the tea, but the adult in me likes it tart.  And I imagine drinking my tea in a peaceful setting… the rose garden in The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens would do beautifully.  The Rose Garden Tea Room is set in a lush garden amidst roses, almost surreal given the drought crisis that California is having.

Honesty is one of my personal policies and for me, the buffet in The Rose Garden Tea Room was pretty and ordinary.  The menu is simple and to be blunt, the food is rather easy to make.  My lunch partners may have other ideas but I didn’t go to The Rose Garden Tea Room for the food, rather, I was there to take my lunch and then enjoy the surroundings.

The food was decent, but the service was remarkable.  All the hosts/hostesses were pleasant, patient, and attentive, and exhibiting the kind of positive attitude we’d all want in our medical and teaching professionals.  Our hostess reminded me of one of my favorite high school math teachers who actually made algebraic and trig problems enjoyable to solve, which I’d have been happy to tackle at the tea room had their been math problems present. Most likely, people aren’t swept back to their high school math days while having their morning or afternoon repast at The Rose Garden Tea Room, and most people who grazed through past the duo of handsome lion statues had an amazing time and enjoyed the food.  I, too, had an amazing time, but as for enjoying the food, I wish I could say I did.  However, I wouldn’t object to giving it another chance. The Rose Garden Tea Room on Urbanspoon

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