Cooking with the Sims

28 Jun

I’ve been a little bit a lot obsessed with The Sims 3.  Many features within the game just give rise to so many creative possibilities that it’s an easy hook playing it.  Having been a fan of The Sims, the latest version is one that I could only have dreamt of back when I played the first Sims game.

An aspect of the game that I found rather tedious with the first one was when the Sims had to cook.  I wanted to have nothing to do with it and so I would have my Sims order pizza instead to satisfy their hunger.  For the Sims 3, the developers created a more interactive cooking environment by integrating grocery shopping and gardening activities which makes the cooking experience exciting—no more pizza for my Sims.  As a tribute to the game (and because lately my Sims have been cooking more than I am), I thought I’d have my Sims turn up the heat in their kitchens and showcase their cooking skills.


2 Responses to “Cooking with the Sims”

  1. Nancy 2, July 2009 at 5:08 pm #

    If you only have time for Sims type cooking, then Ryan, who scored only 27/30 cooking gadgets identified correctly, should be cooking and learning what those other gadgets are for!


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    […] The Sims 3 and even made short videos.  Missed seeing them?  Here, click on the links: “Cooking with the Sims“, “Summer Isle with the Sims 3“, and “How to make wine with the […]

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