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The Boiling Crab To Go – Koreatown

17 Apr

Following a quick tour of LA’s famous The Grove and after enjoying a sorbet each from Bennett’s Ice Cream, we checked in our hotel and began the arduous task of choosing a restaurant with the help of strangers’ restaurant nitpicks, rants, and raves in the internets.  The winner would’ve been Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles, until I gave The Boiling Crab as an option to The Hubby.  He was all ears.  And it didn’t take long for us to agree on The Boiling Crab.

Thanks to Urbanspooners and  Yelpers, we learned that The Boiling Crab is popular enough that lines form quickly.  It was still around 6PM when I gave the restaurant a call to find out how long does seating take and they already had a wait of 20 minutes.  The hotel wasn’t far from the restaurant but considering LA traffic, it was a half an hour drive away.  We arrived just before 7PM and the wait has jumped to over an hour.  Continue reading


3 Apr

Rice cakes come in so many different types and shapes, with dry rice cakes being on my “oh heck no!” list, and with Asian rice cakes being the most familiar to me.  To ask me which type is my favorite is like asking a parent with numerous kids which one is theirs, meaning… don’t bother asking.  Mochi is the rice cake that we tend to purchase and eat often, and I’m a goner for mochi filled with anko (red bean paste). Continue reading

Phil’s Fish Market and Eatery

10 Jan

On December 26th, or Boxing Day as known in the UK and Canada, or the shopping day after Christmas as we know it in the US, my family members, all five of them, wanted to do different things.   Continue reading

Kumako Ramen

7 Jan

Fortunately, I don’t often come across terrible tasting ramen, but when I do, the taste remains until I have good ramen to replace the unpleasant experience.  When we visited the Bay Area, two days after the unsatisfying eats at Octopus Japanese Restaurant in Long Beach, we went to San Jose’s Japantown for salvation.  Continue reading

TAP 415

5 Jan

It was a gray, dreary day in San Francisco.  A first, since there’s usually sunshine shining down on “The City by The Bay” whenever we’ve visited.  But during this past December, it was blessedly raining… raining and helping provide that area of The Golden State with much-needed water.

Our main purpose for being in SF that one rainy day was to visit a family friend.  It isn’t always easy getting a hold of this busy Mom of two beautiful girls and also working to complete her California RN license requirements.  Between juggling motherhood and demands on her schedule, Eva managed a get-together.  It appears I’ve fallen under “demands on her schedule”, but just as well if it means hanging out even for a spell.

While texting and phone chatting, Eva asked several times where The Hubby and I wanted to eat, and The Hubby asked me the same question too as we drove to SF.  My answers consisted of exercising my prerogative to change my mind several times in the span of 60 minutes.  Maybe a rate of a different food type every 5 minutes or so.  After driving about, and walking up and down Market St. (in the rain with one meager umbrella designed for one person but was being used to protect our friend’s gift), I thought of Chinatown.  I imagined dim sum dishes stack high because I was ready for a rumble.

Continue reading