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Year of the Pony

31 Jan

It’s that time of the year again when the new year rings and the old year moves on.  And to think that it was just the New Year 30 days ago.  Isn’t it great to have many different calendars?!

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone!  It’s the Year of the Horse, or the Year of the Pony as I like to call it.  Indeed, I’m a proud “Pegasis”, and if I were male, I’d be a “Brony”.  No links attached.  Go and look them up.

To celebrate the Year of the Pony, here’s a nice animated musical for you all, presenting none other than My Little Ponies.


The episode that the song came from presents a parable on moving on.  Think about having high expectations, the expectations not becoming realized, and coming to terms with disappointments.  Pretty deep for an animation that targets young girls, huh.  It’s the new year, after all.  What better time to philosophize.

One of my girlfriends quoted one of her friends and sent me a creative greeting – “May the horse be with you,” she texted.  I love it!  So then… Wishing everyone a lucky Year of the Horse!  May the horse be with us all!