Father’s Office – Culver City

18 Apr

Los Angeles is packed with an overwhelming assortment of places to eat: from places that elicits “I-can’t-believe-they-call-this-food” from its diners, to mediocre restaurants, to one-of-a-kind eateries.  Father’s Office, a gastropub focused on good brews and good food fall somewhere in between average and A-1.  The Hubby’s longtime college buddy, Arthur, made the suggestion to eat in “Fo2”, chosen by us from a long list of other restaurant suggestions.  All he needed to say was it serves great burgers and that helped seal our choice. 

Father’s Office didn’t disappoint at all.  The boys ordered the Office Burgers, Ryoko (Arthur’s wife) ordered the Organic Beet Salad, and I went for a very filling small plate of Smoked Eel.  For our sides, we shared the Crispy Pork Rinds, Frites in a “Basket”, and Sweet Potato Frites in a “Basket”. 

The fries were great, but I have a bone to pick with the Frites in a “Basket”, that were so skinny that four to six thin fries clumped together would be equal to one regular fry size.  It’d have been easier having the fries on a plate and eating them with a fork so one could eat a handful at a time.  The Smoked Eel was wonderful, although I wish I had sliced toasted baguette pieces to put the deliciously soft eel on.  The Hubby shared a slice of the Office Burger with me and I’m surprised he shared because I wouldn’t have.  Instead of molded ground beef, the patty is made with small chunks of beef formed tightly together, salted sufficiently to bring out that singular beef taste.  The patty is hefty enough that you could almost forget that it’s sandwiched between two pieces of bread.

This is a place that could get busy quickly so either get in before the dinner rush or make your way after 8PM.  There’s a place at Capitol Hill in Seattle called Smith where we’ve gone twice before and both times I ordered their sinfully rich roasted bone marrow.  I saw roasted bone marrow in Fo2’s menu, but the smoked eel won me over first.  Maybe next time we’re in town, I’ll come back for the runner-up.

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