23 Aug

Costco is muy cool.  How cool?  Humongous watermelon cool!  And that’s exactly what we found in Costc0-Kirkland.  A watermelon weighing nearly 1.5 stones.  Or 9.08 kg.  Or, as US customary units go, 20 lbs.

I wanted t0 learn new facts about this popular summer fruit so I toddled over to Wikipedia.

Scientific name: Citrullus lanatus

-Thought to have originated in Africa
C. ecirrhosus is the common ancestor of wild and cultivated watermelon, as suggested by researchers Fenny Dane and Jiarong Liu based on chloroplast DNA investigations
-Evidence of cultivation in the Nile Valley possibly in the second millenium BC
-Cultivation of watermelons in China occurred in 10th century AD
-Moorish invaders introduced watermelon to Europe during the 13th century
-The fruit was introduced to Native Americans in 15th century
-The word “watermelon” appeared in an English dictionary in 1615 for the first time
-Nowadays, about 44 U.S. states commercially grow the fruit
-Farmers in Japan grow cubic watermelons

The wikipedia article on watermelon also has information on the fruit’s nutritional values, varieties, and cultural uses and references.  Now outside of wiki, I found out that “Watermelon May Have Viagra-Effect”.  Texas A&M researchers discovered that amino acids in watermelon have beneficial functions such as relaxing blood vessels.  Similar to what the purple pill does.  But if that’s your aim, don’t start stuffing yourself on watermelon balls or cubes or slices just yet.  Watermelon doesn’t target that particular organ.  To better explain, the relaxation of the blood vessels will not only occur in your intromittent organ but all over the body.  Aside from Viagra-like effects, the juicy red fruit has so many other health benefits which include increasing blood flow and removing toxic compounds.  How awesome is that. 

Here’s data about watermelon from the USDA.  The nutritional facts are based on 100g of watermelon.

I also found that there’s a website dedicated to watermelon.  (I have a feeling there are tons of websites representing particular foods.)

After all this talk about watermelon, I think I’d like to have a bowl.  Or four.


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    […] I suppose my musical ohrwurm will be free when we run out of yellow watermelons.  For the love of watermelons, I posted an article about the popular summer fruit last summer.  I learned a few things, including but not limited to watermelons having a “Viagra-effect.”  (If you’re a guy, don’t even think about stuffing yourself silly with watermelon for the purple pill effect.  Here’s why.) […]

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