Cafe Home Koreatown

17 Apr

This sizeable café has found a handy spot being right next to The Boiling Crab and The Boiling Crab To-Go, and whoever runs Cafe Home has got some shrewd business sense as the establishment has opened its doors to welcome customers from The Boiling Crab To-Go with the requirement that they order drinks.  Not a bad trade since The Boiling Crab is usually packed and that the next best thing is getting a to-go order and sitting somewhere nearby, and sitting in a place that sells drinks is convenient.  Cafe Home is that place.

Cafe Home’s menu is comprised mostly of beverages but there were some desserts.  The Hubby ordered two pints of beer on tap and I ordered a shaved ice dessert for take-out.  The cold dessert was supposed to contain both fruit and red beans, but the fruit options they had available wouldn’t have matched well with the beans so I asked for only red beans instead.

The dessert I ordered lasted long enough for the drive to Hollywood Hills where we parked ourselves, after our happy seafood meal from The Boiling Crab To-Go, to enjoy the nighttime view of the city.  While we didn’t set out to eat at Cafe Home, I’m glad that it was available.  The service was satisfactory, the place is clean, and the staff members are both friendly and welcoming.

Cafe Home on Urbanspoon

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