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Thanksgiving Recipes ebook by Swoop

15 Nov

Thanksgiving Day is next Thursday, are you ready to rumble?  With so many great recipes out there, choosing which ones to use for gobble-gobble day can be a teeny tiny bit overwhelming.

Swoop, a company located in Cambridge, Massachusetts and that focuses on native advertising, reached out to the food blogger community to gather Thanksgiving recipes.  With the yummy recipes on hand, Swoop published an e-cookbook (Kindle edition), which is available in Amazon.  Not to worry if you don’t have a Kindle E-reader, Amazon has the Kindle app downloadable for free (here it is for PC, Mac, and Android).

Inside this e-cookbook, you’ll find recipes for mouthwatering dishes that are Turkey Day favorites of my fellow food bloggers.  Here’s a sample list, including the recipe shared by yours truly:

Roasted Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus Bundles by Gina Homolka of Skinny Taste
Herbed Stuffing with Bacon and Leeks by Katie Goodman of Good Life Eats
Make-Ahead Turkey Gravy by Cathy of The Noble Pig
Pumpkin Sambar by Chitra Agrawal of The ABCD’s of Cooking
Fried Potato Pancakes by Michelle (you know this gal, wink) at Chronic Cravings 
…and many more

Since it’s an e-cookbook, the price is a great buy.  To make the deal sweeter, Swoop is giving all the proceeds of the e-book sales to Feeding America.  If you want a gift that keeps on giving, Swoop’s Thanksgiving Recipes e-book will hit the spot.

Robinson Crusoe and the Epicurious App

9 Oct

This humorous “what if” tale of Robinson Crusoe promoting the Epicurious app is a must-share.  Wish I wrote this one…

Robinson Crusoe Introduces the Epicurious App to Cannibals in the Hopes They’ll Alter Their Menu

Crusoe and his companion Friday have agonized about how to rehabilitate the cannibals who frequently visit the Island of Despair to feast on their prisoners. Since the cannibals have no concept that what they are doing is morally wrong, rather than prosecute them for their deeds, Crusoe has hatched a plan to distract them from their love of human flesh with the mouth-watering recipes loaded on his handy Epicurious app, which has kept him well fed and happy during his time as a castaway on the island.

Crusoe: “Greetings!”

Chief cannibal: “What the … ?”

Head chef cannibal: “Oh look, dessert!”

Nutritionist cannibal: “Mmm, white meat.”

Crusoe: “I see you’re getting ready to feast on these prisoners here.”

Head chef cannibal: “That’s right, my friend! Would you like to join us? Please, we invite you to have a seat in the Simmering Pot of Honored Guests. The carrots and onions are for your comfort.”

Crusoe: [Nervously] “Ha ha. No, that’s OK. I just wanted to, you know, have a chat about food. A friendly trade of foodie tips between the cooks. Maybe expand your culinary horizons.”

Nutritionist cannibal: “Did he just insult my menu? Bring me my spear.”

Is Robinson Crusoe toast (or grilled)?  Find out here.

NaNoWriMo 2011 Frenzy

1 Dec

December Day! December Day!

That didn’t sound quite as exciting as “May Day! May Day!” – not short enough and poor rhyming scheme, I suppose.  It’s the first of December and NaNoWriMo is over.  What with all my excuses and Skyrim playing, I didn’t make it to the coveted winners’ circle this year.  20K words short of winning.  Damn.  I’ll get you next year, my novel.  I’ll get you.

I love how the badge design shows a beach backdrop… it almost sends a message that writing is a vacation.  It couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Writing frantically, on a deadline and with a required word count, is no day at the beach.  So to professional writers out there, three cheers to all of you!

To console my disappointment, I made coconut balls, which are actually macaroons that turned out looking like white fuzzy balls.  I’m not much of a coconut fan unless it’s covered in chocolate or part of a cake.  For a quick sweet fix, macaroons hit the spot.  A few pieces will be enough to lift my down but not defeated writer’s soul.  Thankfully, I’ve got a cute housemate who loves coconuts.  The rest is all yours Hubbs!

I heart NaNoWriMo!

26 Nov

Today, I am a winner.  A NaNoWriMo winner!  70K+ words, baby.  That’s 77.017 x 10^3, to be perfectly obnoxious exact.  Three cheers for reading and writing! 

What makes my first novel tasty?  My friend, there’s chocolate involved.  If that isn’t tasty enough, there are also cookies, snogging, and brownies.  Yes, there’s also cheese.  Cheesiness, that is.  It’s a romantic-comedy novel and any good romance needs cheesy goodness. 

If I have a thank you speech (and I do), it’d include our friend, Andy — the good bloke who shared what NaNoWriMo is all about.  I got excited when I learned of the organization since I already have several unfinished stories sitting in my trusty laptop’s hard drive.  To be honest, the submission I made took >30 days to complete.  It’s a novel I started when I was 18, during the summer before I began my freshman year.  A decade plus ago.  So between then and now, my story went through a series of chapter deletions and updates.  If only I knew NaNoWriMo way back when… Oh well, that’s then and this is now and I’m very glad to have been introduced to it.  ANDYlicious, your NaNoWriMo plug was/is much appreciated.

Thanks for the recognition, NaNoWriMo!

Helles Bells is my writer tag.  With Helle coming from MicHELLE.  Indeed, sometimes I can be a hellion .  And the Hubz is a saint.  And that’s a story for another day.

I scream for Alton

31 May

The weekend before my scheduled California visit to see my family, I received an early Saturday phone call from Claire and Kat to give me the news that Alton Brown is in Monterey making an appearance and signing books at the renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium.  How perfectly untimely!  I mean really, it was one week ahead of my visit.  But it so happens that my luck isn’t so sour since my sisters’ playground is Monterey (and also SF) so they happened to be there at the time and came upon the event.  Hoo-wee, lucky me!  When my sisters told me that they’re getting me a book for him to sign, I could only scream with glee.  Maybe I cracked their eardrums given how long and sustained my screaming was—my excited scream also woke up Ryan (and maybe even our neighbors).

My sisters and I are known for being mischievous, so of course they couldn’t help but trick me into thinking that the line was so long that they weren’t able to make it within his signing time block.  I shrugged it off though I was a bit disappointed. 

During my visit, my sisters surprised me with the book by keeping it in my bookshelf, in the tier where my cookbooks are housed.  Claire asked to borrow one of my cookbooks (tricky, tricky) which she had to ask me several times because I didn’t want to be rouse from my lethargy, when I finally did get it for her I noticed something oddly colorful and misplaced so I pulled it out then screamed my parents’ house down.  Perhaps my reaction was expected since no one told me to keep quiet.  At any rate, check it out.

I heart, heart AB!

But this is the exciting part of all (a message that Kat came up with and asked AB to write).  They didn’t have a camera on hand with them but if I can’t be in the photo too, then it’s for the best.  Besides which, the message rocks enough already.

A message from AB

In case you’re wondering why I would get so elated over Mr. Alton Brown, here’s why… I’ve followed Good Eats since I first saw it which was, if my memory serves me right and it does, 1999.  For those of you who are quick with numbers that was indeed a decade ago.  I was fascinated with food and cooking at an early age, but Mr. Brown was the one who turned my fascination to a near obsession.  I fell for Mr. Brown like a ton of bricks frites. A fact not lost on my family (thank you, thank you, thank you again for the book!).  After I learned cooking techniques and the science behind cooking, I began eschewing recipes and tinkering 99.8% of the time.  Pretty damn empowering. 

In I’m Just Here for the Food, the recipe that made me go “Oooh!  Mmmm!” at first glance was Scampi V1.0.  I followed the recipe almost to a T (I added a couple of other spices and inflated the amount of garlic than what the recipe called for).  Also, the cooking method suggested broiling but I opted for the alternative method of sautéing instead. Nevertheless, the result was finger-lickin’ ‘licious.

Because I was taught to share, here’s a part of the recipe:

“Heat the broiler and position the rack to about 5 inches below the heat source.  Arrange the shrimp (1 pound, peeled and deveined) in the broiler pan so there is no overlapping.  Drizzle the oil (2 tbs) and scatter the garlic (1 tbs minced) over the shrimp and season with salt, pepper, and Old Bay.  Put the pan under the broiler for 2 minutes, until the shrimp begin to turn pink.  Stir in the lemon juice (4 tbs freshly squeezed), add the panko (1/4 c) and parsley (2 tbs chopped), and toss to coat the shrimp evenly.  Return to the broiler and cook until the bread crumbs are evenly brown.  Serve immediately.”   Brown, Alton.  I’m Just Here for the Food. New York: Stewart, Taboori, and Chang, 2006.

Scampi V1.0

Scampi V1.0