3 Apr

Rice cakes come in so many different types and shapes, with dry rice cakes being on my “oh heck no!” list, and with Asian rice cakes being the most familiar to me.  To ask me which type is my favorite is like asking a parent with numerous kids which one is theirs, meaning… don’t bother asking.  Mochi is the rice cake that we tend to purchase and eat often, and I’m a goner for mochi filled with anko (red bean paste).  It just so happens that mochi isn’t cheap at $1+ to $2+ per mochi, and there aren’t many Japanese bakeries around us so our choices of where to buy mochi is limited to Japanese grocery stores, and in our area, this one dominates.

Each of The Hubby and I can eat a handful, making it actually more economical to buy a box of Blue Star Mochiko® Sweet Rice Flour and make our chewy rice cakes.  Also, the lack of Japanese bakeries mean that the mochi we end up buying could be a day or days old.  For fresh mochi, we need only make it.


For a good mochi recipe, try the one from Blue Star.  On the box is a recipe for Cocoa Mochi, but to make a plain one, ignore the cocoa powder ingredient, which is what I did to make our plain mochi.  Warning: the process is time-consuming (it makes baking sweets a piece of cake; pun sooo intended), sticky, and can be messy so make sure to have a bowl of cold water at your side for hand rinsing.  Other than that, enjoy and make sure to take small bites and drink tea in between to avoid choking on the chewy treat.

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