Urth Caffé Pasadena

18 Apr

Traveling sometimes does funny things to one’s, ahem, tummy.  I’m going to beat around the bush here because food reviews and tummy issues don’t pair well together.  To be clear, for this review of Urth Caffé, the eatery was my savior not the cause of tummy bugs.  I have The Hubby’s college friend, Arthur, to thank for recommending lunch at this Pasadena neighborhood prize.  His presently preggy wife likes going to the café for lunch with her friends.  Urth Caffé was the best place he could think of for healthy and nourishing food, and he was right on target because the day before, I imagined having a Mediterranean-inspired meal.  Imagination can come to life every so often.

When we arrived 11ish AM, early lunch or late brunch, no matter how you look at it, there was already a line forming.  It didn’t help that the menu was long and for someone new to the place, like The Hubby and me, we had to use our speed reading powers to filter for what we wanted.

In the end, I chose “The Mediterranean Platter” comprised of pita, olives, tabouli/tabbouleh, dolmades, hummus… the works, really.  I also had The Morrocan Mint Boba for my drink and I was pretty happy after that.  The platter more than hit the spot and it’s great that they didn’t skimp on the hummus and tabouli.  Having lunch al fresco made it all the more fun.  The Hubby ordered “The New Yorker Sandwich”, that could be anything, but in Urth Caffé, it’s a Reuben sandwich.  Urth Caffé’s version of the Reuben is very light and conservative with the corned beef and sauerkraut.  (Sad face emoticon should be placed here.)  It’s the first light Reuben sandwich we’ve ever had.  For Reuben fans out there, like myself and The Hubby, Urth Caffé’s “The New Yorker Sandwich” may not be enough, but for a light version, it fits the bill.

For a light but satisfying lunch, Urth Caffé works.  When we find ourselves in the LA region again in the future and if there’s an Urth Caffé nearby, I wouldn’t be hardpressed to return.  I especially would like to return for the desserts.  I swear that matcha tiramisu had my name on it.

Urth Caffe on Urbanspoon

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