Cooking with The Sims 4

22 Sep

Hey there non-Simmers and fellow Simmers, The Sims 4 was released on September 2, and many Simmers have been cooking, partying, and doing what Sims (and their Simmers) do best in Willow Creek and Oasis Springs.  My play time didn’t begin until last Monday so I had a later start than I’d like. Sims intro The Sims 4 mood features makes the interactions between the Sims more amusing, and the build features make creating a house, or any building, faster and more intuitive.  Unfortunately, The Sims 4 received thousands of complaints from Simmers because of the new gameplay and features that are enjoyed in TS3 that won’t be available, or may never be available, or may only be available for a cost in TS4.

If you’re a loyal Simmer, you’re going to give TS4 a chance.  There are positive aspects to its newness, with one being that there’s less crashing.  I remember being frustrated with TS3’s many bugs during its first several weeks of release, while TS4 has a very smooth play.  After creating my first character in TS4, the first thing I had her do is cook.  Her cooking skill is at Level 10 already, and while it’s really entertaining to watch her cook, it’s more fun to watch Sims with lower skill levels show off their moves.  For a cooking demo, watch the awesome “Pancake Bob” make pancakes.

Level 10 Cooking Options in The Sims 4 A Sim can raise its skill level up to Level 10, and as its skill increases, so does its cooking repertoire.  At Level 1 cooking, a Sim can make Mac and Cheese, Chocolate Cake, Hamburger Cake, Garden Salad, Grilled Cheese, White Cake, and Scrambled Eggs.  Try that at Level 1 in real life.  Interesting results, I’m sure.

Here are the recipes that become available to Sims as they level up:

Level 2-BLT, Fish Tacos, Eggs and Toast, and Chips and Salsa
Level 3- Pan Fried Tilapia, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Taco Casserole, and Pancakes
Level 4- Black and White Cookies, Spaghetti, and Strawberry Cake
Level 5- Fish and Chips, and French Toast Level
6- Chili, and Blue Confetti Cake
Level 7- Omelet, and Blackened Bass
Level 8- Apple Pie
Level 9- Chicken Stir Fry, and Cioppino
Level 10- Tuna Casserole and Roast Chicken, and Apple Pie *

What’s different in The Sims 4 is that there’s no grocery to go to for ingredients shopping.  However, just like in TS3, the price of making the meal is automatically subtracted when you select the recipe from the recipe options pop-up.  Also, like in TS3, gardening and producing your own ingredients results in higher quality meals, and the price of the meal creation gets lowered too. Cooking Level 1- The Sims 4 There are also special recipes that show up depending on the Sim’s mood.  When the Sim is playful, the recipe for Silly Gummy Bear Pancakes shows up.  When the Sim is flirty, the option for Flirty Heart Cookies appear in the cooking activity.  As for how to get the Sim to change its mood, I’m keeping mum on that one.  It’s fun poking around the game to figure things out. There’s also a grilling option, which is tied to the cooking skill.  Two new skill levels under the culinary umbrella are available in The Sims 4: Mixology and Gourmet Cooking.  Stay tuned for my reviews on those skills.

Go forth and play The Sims 4!

*Removed 9/23/14 – Thanks for the catch, Ryan!

2 Responses to “Cooking with The Sims 4”

  1. Ryan 22, September 2014 at 8:24 pm #

    The hamburger cake looks like it belongs in “Man vs. Food”. Apple pie unlocks at level 8 and 10 in your chart above, apple pie is that good huh? 🙂

    • chroniccravings 23, September 2014 at 5:12 am #

      That was a slip. Apple Pie unlocks at Level 8 and the only recipe that does. Freud would say that I think Apple Pie must be really good that it unlocks at two levels.

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