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How to make wine with the Sims

16 Sep

Hey there winos!  Sorry to break it to you but I shamelessly lied and also there are no alcoholic bevs in any Sim games, after all The Sims video games are age-friendly.  No worries though, there are juice (from the juice bar) and “nectar” available.  In The Sims 3 World Adventures, your Sims can jetset to any of the three exciting locales: Al Simhara, Egypt; Shang Simla, China; and Champs Le Sims, France.  Only three international destinations are available at this time, but who knows what those amazing Maxis devs and producers are cooking up.  For those Sims lovers out there who can’t wait for new exotic worlds, download this, and to quote the great Captain Picard, “Make it so.”

Whereas I can wait for new locations.  For now, my Sims are traipsing about in the available worlds.  Here’s one in Champs Le Sims, where the sim learned how to make nectar.  Happy watching!

Summer Isle with the Sims 3

10 Sep

I heart TS3 (The Sims 3).  A couple of nights ago, while playing, a story formed in my mind which incited me to return to my Sims animation projects.  Forget Trent, instead join me in Summer Isle, come to where it’s always summer.  Cheesy?  Yea, I know.  Gotta love it.

Meet Bob, one of the characters.

Cooking with the Sims

28 Jun

I’ve been a little bit a lot obsessed with The Sims 3.  Many features within the game just give rise to so many creative possibilities that it’s an easy hook playing it.  Having been a fan of The Sims, the latest version is one that I could only have dreamt of back when I played the first Sims game.

An aspect of the game that I found rather tedious with the first one was when the Sims had to cook.  I wanted to have nothing to do with it and so I would have my Sims order pizza instead to satisfy their hunger.  For the Sims 3, the developers created a more interactive cooking environment by integrating grocery shopping and gardening activities which makes the cooking experience exciting—no more pizza for my Sims.  As a tribute to the game (and because lately my Sims have been cooking more than I am), I thought I’d have my Sims turn up the heat in their kitchens and showcase their cooking skills.