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Ballard Brothers Seafood and Burgers

8 Oct

I’m not much for giving food vendors a second chance, but this past weekend while at the Issaquah Salmon Days Festival, The Hubby and I decided to give Ballard Brothers Seafood and Burgers another try.  Actually for me, it was a matter of being too swayed by the numerous food booths, and also feeling the dangerous mix of famishment and capriciousness.  Bad decisions happen that way. Continue reading

Pancake Bob at Lost Lake Cafe and Lounge

2 Sep

PAX Prime 2014 came and went.  The Hubby and I are on our 7th year of consecutive PAX Prime attendance.  I say that with some pride because as conventions go, PAX is dedicated to gaming and gamers.  Although it’s not the only convention for gamers by gamers, it’s the only one we attend.  PAX debuted in Bellevue, Washington in 2004, and it took us 3 years before we attended one.  In 2010, we got a real treat at the Saturday concert when MC Frontalot and friends marched off from the stage to the beat of his “Yellow Lasers”. Continue reading

NaNoWriMo 2011 Frenzy

1 Dec

December Day! December Day!

That didn’t sound quite as exciting as “May Day! May Day!” – not short enough and poor rhyming scheme, I suppose.  It’s the first of December and NaNoWriMo is over.  What with all my excuses and Skyrim playing, I didn’t make it to the coveted winners’ circle this year.  20K words short of winning.  Damn.  I’ll get you next year, my novel.  I’ll get you.

I love how the badge design shows a beach backdrop… it almost sends a message that writing is a vacation.  It couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Writing frantically, on a deadline and with a required word count, is no day at the beach.  So to professional writers out there, three cheers to all of you!

To console my disappointment, I made coconut balls, which are actually macaroons that turned out looking like white fuzzy balls.  I’m not much of a coconut fan unless it’s covered in chocolate or part of a cake.  For a quick sweet fix, macaroons hit the spot.  A few pieces will be enough to lift my down but not defeated writer’s soul.  Thankfully, I’ve got a cute housemate who loves coconuts.  The rest is all yours Hubbs!

Issaquah Salmon Days Festival 2011

2 Oct

Salmon Days 2011

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For more information, visit Issaquah Salmon Days Festival

MC Frontalot at PAX 2010

7 Sep

We found ourselves in a sweet spot at the aisle seat of row R in Benaroya Hall during PAX 2010’s  Saturday concert.  One of Ryan’s  favorite musicians, that he got me hooked on to also, is MC Frontalot whose unique music has created a hip hop subgenre called nerdcore.  This is PAX numero quatro for us.  Last year, Frontalot performed for the Friday concert but not for Saturday so we missed him.  But this year, we endured a long serpentine queue to watch the concert.  Luckily, we made the cut in time to see MC Frontalot.  His performance was über fabulous.  Why?  How?  Because he sang “Shame of the Otaku”.  With Rai Kamishiro.  Awesome.

Frontalot finished off his performance with the song “Yellow Lasers” and the audience (especially those of us in the aisle seats) got a treat when MC Frontalot and friends marched off the stage with style, lead by Blak Lotus (Frontalot’s bassist), Paul from Paul and Storm, Gminor7 (Frontalot’s keyboardist), an unidentified special guy (if someone out there knows who he is, holler), Storm from Paul and Storm, The SturGENiUS (Frontalot’s  drummer), Jonathan Coulton, and la creme de la creme, MC Frontalot.

Watch the vid that my hubby took (with a Canon SD1100).