Mirchi Indian Cafe

1 Sep

September, already.  Sigh… Weather’s cooling down, kids are back in school, and rain and drizzle are in.  Where did summer go?

For those of you out of elementary and middle school, remember that clichéd essay titled “My Summer Vacation”?  It comes in many flavors, but it all boils down to the same theme of what one did over the summer, and to prattle about one’s favorite activities and events.  Well, if I were to write said essay, mine would involve a story about a random finding while driving in Issaquah during an errand.  The Hubby and I were talking about what to have for dinner when out of the corner of our eyes, we spotted a new restaurant.  The Hubby turned the car around so we could check out the eatery that caught our attention.

Mirchi Indian Cafe- entrance

We haven’t come across many Indian restaurants in our city, other than neighboring cities, so checking out Mirchi Indian Cafe was worth a try.  It was around dinner time when we went in, and though the place wasn’t bustling, there were enough people in the restaurant to assure us that it’s an okay place.

We were familiar with many items on the menu and being on the hungry side, we wanted to try many of them.  Unfortunately, they’ve run out of main ingredients for the goat biryani and chicken biryani.  The proprietor was welcoming and answered our questions regarding what’s available.  There were still many to choose from, and after much wrangling, we settled on masala dosa, two sets of tiffin- idli and masala dosa, fish pakora, and a samosa.  I don’t think I could’ve left without a samosa.

Verdict says that the food was agreeable.  “Agreeable” is my mild singly word for “Yes, it was yummy!”.  We’re glad that Mirchi Indian Cafe is close to our shopping spots because it gives us a good excuse to pop-in for a good take-out.

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