Pancake Bob at Lost Lake Cafe and Lounge

2 Sep

PAX Prime 2014 came and went.  The Hubby and I are on our 7th year of consecutive PAX Prime attendance.  I say that with some pride because as conventions go, PAX is dedicated to gaming and gamers.  Although it’s not the only convention for gamers by gamers, it’s the only one we attend.  PAX debuted in Bellevue, Washington in 2004, and it took us 3 years before we attended one.  In 2010, we got a real treat at the Saturday concert when MC Frontalot and friends marched off from the stage to the beat of his “Yellow Lasers”.

For PAX Prime 2014, we got to hang out with Sims for EA’s promotion of The Sims 4, and for a “Simmer” like me, being surrounded by bright green plumbobs and seeing one of my favorite games imitated by life makes for an exciting event.

While at the Washington State Convention Center, weaving in and out among the crowds, we looked for EA’s booth to no success.  The EA booth was at the top of my list to see because of the upcoming release of The Sims 4.  The Hubby knows about my enthusiasm for the game (see my last post regarding The Sims) so he ensured we would find EA by searching tweets for EA’s location and talking to the peeps at PAX’s info booth.  After all that, we learned that EA parked itself in a Capitol Hill café.  It’d have been strange but then again there were other off-site events, so we supposed it was nothing out of the ordinary.

Finding EA’s location at Lost Lake Cafe was an adventure in itself, and partaking in its promotion of meeting Pancake Bob and also getting free yummy pancakes was an adventure of its own.  The Sim actors and actresses were a hoot, and we have to give the restaurant staff pats on the back for having the patience to deal with the bit of chaos that the eccentric personalities of Sims can bring.

Thanks for the pancakes, fun, and the memories, Lost Lake Cafe, and EA.  Pancake Bob, u da bomb!  Or better yet… You the plumbob!

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