SPUD Seattle Closing its Doors

19 Sep

Come this Thursday, September 25, SPUD Seattle will make its last delivery.  For loyal SPUD customers out there like me, the news is an unhappy one.

SPUD Seattle closes

We started using SPUD’s grocery delivery service in February 2011, took a break then restarted the service again in 2012, and have continuously been with SPUD Seattle since.  Here are my first SPUD Seattle review and my second SPUD Seattle review. 

SPUD provides convenience and great service.  It’s understandably picky with the products it sells, and it only sells products from manufacturers and producers who have similar environmental and food values as SPUD and its customers.  The SPUD Team knows that its customers are putting a lot of trust with the food selection and packaging, so when there’s something wrong with the order, SPUD made it easy for the customers to request refunds for any unsatisfactory items.  SPUD to me is like Whole Foods having a delivery service.

SPUD not only cares about its customers but also cares about the communities it services.  SPUD Seattle partnered with organizations in Seattle, and helped collect donations for them.  I’m sure the other SPUDs in California and B.C. do good deeds in their communities as well.

SPUD Seattle goodbye letter

Wishing Matt, Reese, Adrienne, and all the good folks at SPUD Seattle all the best.  Goodbye, SPUD Seattle.  Wish it could’ve stuck around longer.


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