Katsu Burger

19 Aug

How would you feel like if you found a restaurant, or any place at all, that you really like and then find out several days later that it has closed?  A real bummer, huh.

Katsu Burger Seattle

Katsu Burger has been on our list of “restaurants to try” for a couple of years and we didn’t get around to checking it out until over a weekend ago.  This out-of-the-way (for us) Japanese pop culture themed, eccentric joint, in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood, serving Japanese style burgers burrowed its way into my burger lovin’ heart.  Of course, the fried burger does my heart more bad than good, but that’s besides the point.

Katsu Burger Seattle

When I went to Katsu Burger’s site earlier and saw the notice that it’s now closed, I felt a mixture of slight shock and disappointment.  As the notice stated, the restaurant closed its doors because they didn’t have enough staff to cover and they didn’t want to serve below quality foods, and ergo, lower their standards.  If you look at Katsu Burger’s Yelp page, you’ll see high ratings – sure the restaurant has its 1-star and 2-star ratings, but it’s way outnumbered by its 4-star  and 5-star ratings.

Katsu Burger

For our first visit at Katsu Burger, and also the last visit due to its closing, The Hubby chose the Godzilla Attack, while I chose the Wabi Wasabi.  We opted for beef burgers though there’s an option to substitute for chicken, pork, or tofu, at no charge.  We asked for fries and wasabi coleslaw on the side.  I also asked for extra jalapenos which they were more than happy to accommodate.

Katsu Burger - Wabi Wasabi

The Wabi Wasabi consisted of natural beef patty, cheddar, wasabi mayonnaise, and tonkatsu sauce, with lettuce and tomatoes.  It was very simple but very good.  The fried burger had a nice crunch and yet was juicy, and the buns were large enough not to disintegrate from the generosity of the burger, fixin’s, and sauces.

Katsu Burger - Godzilla Attack

The Godzilla Attack was made of natural beef patty, pepper jack, 12 spice blend, jalapenos, spicy mayonnaise, and tonkatsu sauce, with tomatoes and lettuce.  Doubling up on heat or using different sources of it could sometimes lead to off-putting flavors, but the spiciness of the Godzilla Attack didn’t have an overwhelming presence, at least not for us.

A burger’s best sidekick is fries.  Hands down.  So for me, the fries could have some effect on how I’ll judge the burger.  Katsu Burger’s fries were just right.  Our fries disappeared fast and I wish we ordered more.  And when I say “more”, it could make The Hubby a bit nervous because it could mean two or more orders of it.

There are tons of burger places in Seattle and the Greater Seattle area but I still find it unpropitious that one of the gems closed.  And so I make a votive offering to the buger gods that someone worthy resurrects Katsu Burger.  Please.


4 Responses to “Katsu Burger”

  1. Ryan 19, August 2014 at 8:16 am #

    Closing due to staffing shortage? If it was a financially successful business and the owner wanted to keep it open, then it seems like there could be other solutions to a staffing shortage like reduced hours or a reduced menu.

    Coincidentally they had an inspection the same day they announced their closure on Facebook (at 8/11/2014 7:08PM): http://info.kingcounty.gov/health/ehs/foodsafety/inspections/Results.aspx?Output=W&Business_Name=katsu burger&Business_Address=&Longitude=&Latitude=&City=&Zip_Code=&Inspection_Type=All&Inspection_Start=&Inspection_End=&Inspection_Closed_Business=A&Violation_Points=&Violation_Red_Points=&Violation_Descr=&Fuzzy_Search=N&Sort=B

    • chroniccravings 23, August 2014 at 11:15 am #

      That’s right, there’d be other business strategies they could take.
      Regarding the inspection, it was a consultation, not a restaurant review, so we can only speculate.

  2. Ryan 7, October 2014 at 7:48 pm #

    They’re back in business! Same menu, different owner. http://slog.thestranger.com/slog/archives/2014/10/03/katsu-burger-is-open-again-in-georgetown


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