Sammamish Pine Lake Ale House

7 Feb

Based on testimonial (from a workmate of The Hubby’s) that Pine Lake Ale House serves great fries and local craft brews, we decided to finally visit the talk-of-the-town neighborhood eatery.  I don’t know how long Pine Lake Ale House has been around since its website doesn’t currently have an “About Us” page (maybe they’ll put up one in the future), but regardless of how long it’s been in business, it no doubt has regular patrons.  When we went on our first visit, it was early dinner time and the place was already filling up.  It’s not a large restaurant so it can quickly get busy.

When it comes to pub food, I use fish and chips as my ruler.  I figure that if anyone messes up a nice simple meal like fish and chips, they’re not worth returning to.  The Hubby ordered a Prime Rib French Dip Sandwich along with two half-pints of Lucille IPA and Monk’s Indiscretion Belgian Ale, and we made a to-go order of a Reuben Sandwich (not pictured).

I may have found a new fish and chips place… sorry Three Lions Pub of Redmond, but Pine Lake Ale House is nearer to me.  The fried fish is a big cut of cod – battered, not breaded.  I do not like breaded fish.  “I do not like them Sam-I-Am.”  The Hubby’s colleague who gave the restaurant testimonial was right about the fries.  The fries are medium-sized cuts, just salty enough, and with a nice crispy exterior.  The french dip sandwich was pretty good in that the tender beef slices were generous.  I must admit that it isn’t as bold in flavor as the sandwiches from our go-to sandwich place in Seattle.

The only problem I have with Pine Lake Ale House is the au jus. whereas most places we’ve been to serve au jus tasting like authentic roast beef drippings, the au jus from Pine Lake Ale House is “shoyu broth”.  It makes one wonder if they just don’t have enough drippings so they flavor it with soy sauce.  Their au jus tastes so heavily with soy sauce that it should just be called soy sauce dip, not au jus.  Aside from the questionable au jus, the restaurant makes a good place to come back to – good food and friendly service, what’s not to like.

Pine Lake Ale House on Urbanspoon


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