Katsu Burger Seattle

13 Mar

Maybe it was because I said, “Please” ever so nicely.  Or maybe because there really are burger gods because Katsu Burger is back in business and there’s even one opened in Bellevue.  When The Hubby dropped the good news around holiday time last year (2014), I did my yay-the-gods-must-be-listening dance.  But we didn’t get a chance to go to Katsu Burger until most recently when we took Olivia, Annie, and their baby, Kalayo, our visiting friends from California.

Katsu Burger is the perfect place to take them for a casual dinner — it’s a family-friendly restaurant, the service is quick, and the food is on the good side.  The fun coincidence was that Olivia has heard about Katsu Burger from another friend of hers and it was on her list to try out in Seattle.  In that case, we couldn’t have picked a better place to take them.

This time around I chose a classic: the Katsu Curry, but the twist is that I went with the tofu option instead of pork, while The Hubby chose Godzilla Attack, the same burger he had the last time we were at Katsu Burger, and it seems to me that the Godzilla is his classic katsu burger.  For Annie and Olivia, it’s the pork Ninja Deluxe that became their inaugural Katsu Burger.

There were no complaints from anyone regarding the food.  The food was tasty, no complaints there.  Although we should have complained over something service-related because we never did get the coleslaw that was supposed to come with our order since we paid for the “make-it-a-meal” option, with “ni-ban” for us and “sumo size it!” for our friends.  We’ll give the Katsu Burger staff the benefit of the doubt.  We like Katsu Burger so we’ll be back again someday.  Let’s just hope that they don’t make the same mistake of forgetting to serve parts of a paid meal on our next visit.

Katsu Burger on Urbanspoon


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