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To California with Love

7 Nov

If Washington, the Evergreen State, were to get in touch with its Pacific Coastal state sibling, California…

Hey Cali,

News travels lightning fast these days so you should have already heard…  Yup, same-sex marriage is approved, marijuana legalization is approved, and charter schools funding is approved.  Am I happy, sistah?  Am I happy?!  You bet I am!  I’m so happy I could smoke a joint.  And it would be legal.  Wow.  I should thank you, you know… I’ve got so many liberal transplants from the Golden State livin’ in my hoods.  Woohoo, remember the Summer of Love?  Watch this video to joggle your memory. 

Uh oh, now where was I… Oh right… I’m having the Autumn of Happiness.  It’s almost as if the flower kids and grandkids decided to get together in my land of salmon, geoduck, and Evergreens. 

Now tell me what’s going on with your people.  I cannot believe Prop. 37 did not pass.  Four years ago Prop. Hate (ahem, I meant 8) won, and now Prop 37 lost.  If only the results were reversed with 8 losing and 37 winning, yea?  At least Props. 30 and 35 passed.

Buck up, Goldie, the “food fight” isn’t over yet.  I’ve got your back and I’ve got I-522 waiting in the wings.  We’ve got to keep the issue in balance though by heeding the advice of our scientists; they don’t all work for giant food companies and just because they say GMO foods are safe doesn’t mean they support controversial business practices of big food companies.  We also must keep in mind that the global population is continuously growing and we need to find sustainable ways to feed everyone.  By “we”, I mean scientists, activists, constituents, and politicians.  So I guess that means all of us.  Sustainability is the key word here.  Lucky for us, our peeps have access to fresh produce and local foods thanks to the farmers markets and food companies that use environmentally responsible business practices.

Whoa.  I think I’m getting the munchies.  Speaking of sustainability, have you heard of Kettle Brand Chips?  Looks like it’s a good model for a food company. 

Can’t. Resist. The. Cravings.  I’m going to go celebrate with a bag of Tias