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Trader Joe’s Chocolate Brooklyn Babka

26 Jun

“We had that babka!” Jerry cried out to Elaine at The Dinner Party episode of Seinfeld.  Unfortunately for Elaine and Jerry, they had to settle for the cinnamon babka.

Thanks to Kat, my youngest sis, we ended up with the chocolate babkaContinue reading

Calphalon HE600CG Grill review

24 Jun

Meet Calphalon HE600CG Grill.  Our sexy new replacement for the George Foreman Grill, a relic from Ryan’s undergrad days, which according to him has served him greatly since acquiring it during those years in the university.  Our recent wedding gave us the opportunity to replace some aging kitchen gadgets and tools, so a humongous thanks to generous family members and friends, like Aunt Amy and her daughters who gifted us with the indoor grill.  Because our humble apartment lack counter space, we weren’t able to place all of our cooking gadgets within reach, but we made an exception for the grill.  Panino, anyone?

The photos show a slab of Trader Joe’s Carne Asada – the third food item we’ve cooked on the grill since receiving it.  The first two were beef burgers and turkey burgers.  Clean-up is surprisingly easy, it’s just a matter of following the manufacturer’s instructions.

I have the hubster to thank for the carne porn photos.  He was so excited about his dinner that taking photos of it helped cool his impatience.  The man has the patience of a saint, but not when it comes to food.

The Joy of Not Cooking

9 May

I have just discovered the bliss of not cooking and Trader Joe’s has become my go-to place for frozen food items and packaged meals, and the microwave has become a lifesaver.  Mind you, I enjoy cooking, but when there are homework and chapter readings with pressing due dates (because instead of doing them in advance, I find myself fighting bandits in Albion or chasing after an Immortal gone mental), I turn to frozen foods.  I confess that my food snobbishness prevented me from finding this joy early on but I made a half-pirouette when I realized how tasty Trader Joe’s frozen foods are—plus their selections are fabulous!  And of course with Trader Ming and Trader Giotto’s (and is there a Trader Jacques or a Trader José?), one can go around the world in the span of dinner time. 


Okami Assorted Sushi, TJ’s – Bellevue, $5.99



Panko Chicken Fingers, TJ’s – Bellevue, $5.49