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Kikka Sushi

1 Jan

The Hubby and I spent the holidays in both Central Coast and Northern California regions, per our custom, to spend time with families and friends.  Thanksgiving may be the day of gluttony for many people but Christmas at my family’s, especially when the whole clan is afoot, is Thanksgiving times two.  This past Christmastime, the parade of food rivaled Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, and I wish I had Kobayashi’s talent of eating enormous amounts of food at one seating.  Oh wait.  I kind of do.  Except maybe only a quarter-enormous.  We had a Noche Buena late lunch at my parents’, Christmas Eve dinner at The Hubby’s parents’, Christmas morning breakfast at The Hubby’s again, and then followed by Christmas brunch at my parents’.

Before we left, our parents gave us going away goodies in the form of leftovers from the Christmas meals.  I’m a veritable noodle fanatic, but I passed on the palabok (Filipino “spaghetti”, as my family would describe it) when my Mom asked me if I wanted to bring back leftovers.  However, I did ask for over a pound of ham and some tuna salad.  I couldn’t pass those up.  For good measure, my mother gave me a package of palabok noodles so I could cook palabok at my own time.

Back in the Evergreen State, and with the Christmas bonanza behind us, yet benevolently haunted by the food packed by our mothers, we decided that for New Year, we’d break our normal tradition of having New Year’s Rice (a savory sticky rice dish I learned from my paternal grandmother) and long-life noodles, and have sushi instead.  We wanted something light after all the good but heavy foods we’ve had.

Kikka Sushi

We went with Kikka Sushi Catering in Whole Foods Redmond to cater our New Year’s Eve dinner since we were already familiar with their service for we occasionally pick up impromptu dinners from their Whole Foods Redmond booth.  Kikka Sushi is not exclusive to Whole Foods Redmond, and can be found in other Whole Foods and Ralph’s stores.  At least 24 hours notice is required for all orders, and make sure to ask about their prices because they’re subject to change due to seasonal variety.  I’m only reiterating (almost verbatim) the specification in small print on the catering menu.

Kikka Catering Menu

Kikka Catering Menu2

Kikka Sushi provides a nice selection of sushi platters and customers can even choose to build their own.  We went with their Cherry Blossom Platter which consists of Rainbow Roll, Spicy Tuna Avocado Roll, Spicy Salmon Avocado Roll, Spicy Shrimp Avocado Roll, and an assortment of nigiri.  The folks at Kikka Sushi in Whole Foods Redmond are attentive and courteous, much more so than some of the grocery store employees.

Kikka Sushi Catering Cherry Blossom Platter

The menu doesn’t say how many people each platter would adequately serve, but based on your own and your fellow diners’ appetite, you should be able to make a guess.  The Hubby and I had half of the Cherry Blossom Platter for our New Year’s Eve dinner, and the leftovers for our lunch on New Year’s Day.  Hence, I can guesstimate based from experience that the CB platter should be good for four adults.  Or one Kobayashi.  Hah.

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday season and wishing everyone a fun 2014!

*Photos courtesy of The Hubby and our swell Canon EOS 20D.