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The Boiling Crab To Go – Koreatown

17 Apr

Following a quick tour of LA’s famous The Grove and after enjoying a sorbet each from Bennett’s Ice Cream, we checked in our hotel and began the arduous task of choosing a restaurant with the help of strangers’ restaurant nitpicks, rants, and raves in the internets.  The winner would’ve been Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles, until I gave The Boiling Crab as an option to The Hubby.  He was all ears.  And it didn’t take long for us to agree on The Boiling Crab.

Thanks to Urbanspooners and  Yelpers, we learned that The Boiling Crab is popular enough that lines form quickly.  It was still around 6PM when I gave the restaurant a call to find out how long does seating take and they already had a wait of 20 minutes.  The hotel wasn’t far from the restaurant but considering LA traffic, it was a half an hour drive away.  We arrived just before 7PM and the wait has jumped to over an hour.  Continue reading

Phil’s Fish Market and Eatery

10 Jan

On December 26th, or Boxing Day as known in the UK and Canada, or the shopping day after Christmas as we know it in the US, my family members, all five of them, wanted to do different things.   Continue reading

Crystal Fish

8 Jan

The holiday season has a way of making me seek non-traditional holiday foods.  I tend to go Asian for a good reason thanks to the usually non-rich foods of Asian cuisines.  December is that time of the year when we go to California and find ourselves both in the Bay Area and Monterey County.  How fortunate to have the opportunity to go back and forth between those two particular regions of California.

Crystal Fish

The eve before Christmas Eve, my highschool girlfriend (visiting from Alameda County, east of SF for those of you interested) and I went to Monterey, where my family and I usually take our visitors for “show and tell”.  Crystal Fish was our restaurant mission for the night.

inside Crystal Fish

The place is small but busy and lively.  As it is, I prefer cozy traditional seafood restaurants to enormous ones that make me feel as if I should be wearing stilettos, tight pants, and a scandalous top because apparently a club atmosphere is de rigueur for Japanese restaurants these days.  Do pardon my ranting.  Crystal Fish has none of that flashy ambiance.  Thank the seafood gods.

Crystal Fish menu

What to have?  What to have?

I choose you (no, not Pikachu) Totoro Roll and Pink Dragon Roll.  Come on, how could anyone pass up Totoro?

Totoro Roll and Pink Dragon Roll





Would I return to Crystal Fish again?

A definite check!

Crystal Fish on Urbanspoon

Phil’s Fish Market and Eatery

23 Dec

As a Central Coast Californian living in the Evergreen State, less than an hour’s drive to Puget Sound and within a stone’s throw to seafood markets and restaurants, I have no regrets about living far away from the ocean.  Pangs of homesickness do hit me from time to time when I think about Cannery Row, Fisherman’s Wharf, Pebble Beach, and the myriad places dotting the historic cities of Monterey County and over 95 miles of beautiful coastline.

One place worth visiting is Moss Landing, which is the first Monterey County city one encounters driving south on Hwy 1 from NorCal.  You’ll know you’re near or in Moss Landing when you spot the power plant.  Each time we drive through the city and I see its famous landmark, I imagine I’m in Springfield and the Simpsons are out and about town.  The Moss Landing Power Plant, however, is not a NPP but a natural gas powered electricity generation plant.

A few miles west of the power plant is Phil’s Fish Market and Eatery, home of the famous cioppino that (ahem, get ready for this) “filleted” Bobby Flay’s.  You can even buy the seafood stew by the bucket.

Whenever we drive down Hwy 1 from San Jose, I mention dining at Phil’s Fish Market as I have a positive memory of a seafood sandwich that I tried at the eatery years ago.  It’s just recently that The Hubby and I tried the restaurant together.

Although Phil’s is famous for its cioppino, I had the sampler platter in mind while The Hubby had visions of seafood sandwiches dancing in his head.  To stop the visions, he ordered a snapper hot sandwich, while I chose the combo seafood platter consisting of fried seafood goodness: oysters, scallops, prawns, and squid.

The fried bivalve molluscs, decapod crustaceans, and cephalopods were unsurprisingly tender.  I’m a fan of sampler platters as it’s the best way to taste various dishes in one go.  In theory, it’s good and in practice, it’s even better.  Getting the seafood platter gave me a chance to discover something new about my tastebuds; for instance, I learned that I prefer oysters raw.  Don’t give me any bit about oysters being bottom feeders… I already know it and I find them tasty nonetheless.  Fried oysters, on the other hand, isn’t tasty to me.  Biting into a plump fried oyster and having its fried organs ooze in a greenish mess is just vile.  I consider fried oysters a blight in an otherwise great seafood platter.

The snapper hot sandwich deserves a blue ribbon for being so very… what’s the word that starts with the letter s and ends with the sound “shuh s”?  Yes, that’s the word.  The bread slices were nicely toasted and the fish was lightly seasoned and grilled to flaky perfection.

If you want a warm and delicious welcome to Monterey County, drive over to Moss Landing and get some seafood delight at Phil’s.

Phil’s Fish Market & Eatery
7600 Sandholdt Rd.
Moss Landing, CA 95039
(831} 633-2152
Phil's Fish Market and Eatery on Urbanspoon