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Also spelled as s-e-v-i-c-h-e

19 Jun

Just like many other dishes, ceviche is variation of a theme, with the theme being seafood marinated in citrus juice and spices. It’s a dish that has held my fascination since freshman year in college but not until most recently have I worked up the courage to make it.

And eat it.

I’ve had sashimi plenty of times before. I shouldn’t have any qualms. Right?

Wrong. Because I do.

No need for elaborations as the reason behind my years of hesitance is merely fear. But as the 32nd US President once said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”


Thus, I’m going to make and eat ceviche.

Sunday, 15 June 2008, late afternoon:

I prepared the makings for shrimp ceviche. Ordinarily fish is the ingredient of choice but I used shrimp for our ceviche.

The shrimp, seasoned with salt, gladly (since they aren’t alive, I don’t really know, do I? But I assume anyway) marinated in a marinade made of lime juice, rice vinegar (I didn’t have enough lime, okay) with diced red and white onions, chopped garlic, dried chiles, and cilantro leaves.

Yes, I know I’m taking liberties with the recipe.

Tuesday, 18 June 2008, late evening:

And yes, I know I took liberties with the marinating length.

The moment of truth…

Whoa. Simply put. Whoa.

Dinner consisted of shrimp “cooked” in the marinade, pan-fried thick slices of russet potatoes, and a tomato salad.

The shrimp was firm, tender, and juicy. When heat is applied to protein, it becomes denatured, and the denaturing that occurred with the shrimp, thanks to the marinade, lent it a different kind of texture and feel in the mouth that’s different from boiled, fried, or grilled shrimp.

I was half-afraid that Ryan wouldn’t find the dish as tasty as I found it but he was as blown away with it as I was. In a manner of speaking.