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Persian Grill

8 Jan

Thanks to my mother who was a traveling RN during her younger years, and most certainly my and my sisters’ even younger years, our exposure to various cuisines began early.  As my Mom was stationed in Saudi Arabia, her familiarity with Middle Eastern cuisine showed itself when she gets adventurous with her cooking.  Though I do believe it’s my sisters and I who enjoy the cuisine more and also the cuisines that it has influenced.  Kat loves Lebanese foods while Greek foods make my corazon skip a beat.

Persian Grill

I was rather gleeful to find an Iranian restaurant in our dear city by the sea.  I wouldn’t be surprise if my sisters already know about this place.  Claire and Kat took advantage of being residents of Monterey County.  Meanwhile, I’m no longer a resident but I enjoy discovering and rediscovering MoCo’s sights.

inside Persian Grill

After Crystal Fish, my girlfriend and I walked across the street and a block to Persian Grill.  Closing time is 9:30 PM and it was already pass 8:30 PM when we finished off the sushi rolls.  The short walk was helpful in getting our appetite rearing for dessert.

inside Persian Grill

The scents in Persian Grill were calming and inviting; and if I were in a romantic date, the lovely setting in Persian Grill would easily have set the mood.  So here’s a little tip for you boys and girls: seduce your darling at Persian Grill.

Persian ice cream and Faloodeh

Our dessert consisted of sandwiched Persian Ice Cream and Faloodeh.  The desserts should come with a warning for being perfectly light and refreshing.  I could easily have had more.  And I did!  I made two take-out orders of Zuloubia Bamieh for my friend and me.

I didn’t get a chance to try any of the main dishes and I’d love to give it a go when I’m back in town again.  For my next time at Persian Grill, I’d like The Hubby as my date. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge…)

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