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Saturday Night Dinner by Ryan

20 Jul

Ryan’s everything and he can make terrific sandwiches! He can make other dishes such as Chicken curry and Udon soup, but work can get overwhelming so it has been awhile since he has done any cooking. Oh okay, I confess… I’ve also been known to be a dominating kitchen overlord.

I was quite proud of Ryan’s sandwich-making deftness. It was impressive watching him assemble the Ryan sammich. It was his sandwich creation (mostly mine, but the credit is shared) and thusly (I) named (it) after him. Naturally.

To make your own, here’s the recipe (á la Alton Brown!):

Ryan sammich



Cutting board


Non-stick pan or grill pan


Artisan bread (there are many options out there, Ryan chose Olive)

Roasted garlic (if not readily available, raw garlic cloves will do)

Sun-dried tomatoes, strips

Roasted bell peppers

Cheese slices (Ryan chose Muenster)

Deli meat (Ryan chose pastrami, however, feel free to omit if you’re not a meat-eater)

Butter, optional



1- Place the pan on top of the stovetop and set the heat on medium-low.

2- Top each bread slices with roasted garlic cloves. The number depends on how garlicky you want it to be. If you’re using raw garlic cloves, rub however many you want on the bread slices. Again, you choose how garlicky you want it to be.

3- Place cheese slices on top of the garlic spread/rubbed bread.

4- Top cheese slices with strips of sun-dried tomatoes.

5- Put strips of roasted bell peppers on top of sun-dried tomatoes.

6- Place deli meat on top of the bell peppers.

7- Enclose the paired bread slices.

8- Increase the heat to medium.

9- If you want your sammich to be nice and extra flavorful, put two pats of butter on the pan and allow it to melt. Then put the sandwiches on the pan and heat each side for 2-4 minutes each, or until the cheese slices melt. Pay attention and don’t let the pan overheat!

10- Serve with salad and a (non-)alcoholic drink of your choice. In our case, an herb salad (pre-mix) and Pimm’s® No. 1 Spirit Drink (mixed by Ryan).

The Ryan sammiches were superb! Sure one can say that I’m being objective. But there’s only one way to find out. Make a Ryan sammich for yourself.

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so I’ll let the illustrations speak for themselves. Cheers!