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Duck eggs

18 Jul

Found at the Remond Saturday Market:  Duck eggs

From May to October, Redmond is livened up by the Saturday Farmer’s Market. And every Saturday, Ryan looks forward to iced cookies from a local baker and I look forward to the plethora of fresh produce and duck eggs. But for some strange coincidence, during the past couple of years, we always missed the opportunity to acquire duck eggs because they either become sold out early (damn it, early birds—pardon the pun) or the ducks just didn’t lay eggs for the week (damn it, fickle ducks)… or, ehr, we were out of town (oh well). But this Saturday, we procured a mix of different-sized duck eggs and they’re beautiful!

Duck eggs

I pondered over the possibilities of what to do with them but as with everything else, simplicity works wonders. So omelette it is.