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Crown & Anchor

8 Jan

Last stop for my and my girlfriend, Jess’, second year of Holiday chow and chat circuit.  This is what goes down during our get together: we eat, we catch up, we eat, we talk about science topics, we eat, we talk smack about ginger guys, and we eat and talk some more.  Thus, it’s only fitting that we ended up in a pub to end the evening.

Crown & Anchor claims to have been voted “#1 Pub in Monterey County”.  Monterey County has 29 cities and census-designated places, with only a small number of actual pubs, so being #1 is an easy feat.

Crown & Anchor

The bar was packed and so we found ourselves in the dining area of the pub.  The décor is dark, heavy, and overly decorated for the Holidays.  Crown & Anchor feels like a “man cave” restaurant with the man going overboard and overly macho.  Having lived, studied, and visited various cities in England, I consequently have patronized several pubs so I know that a British pub should feel like a casual hangout place, not a cultured macho man’s lair where whiskey flows like a fountain and smoke from fine Cuban cigars covers the room like a heavy cloak.

The service was friendly and courteous.  Our server knew what he was doing and his social skills are not too shabby.  He did not belong in a pub.  Even if the pub is the “#1 Pub in Monterey County”.  So to our server, “GERIC”, if by some unlikely probability that you’re reading this review, take this advice: get your polite self in a fancy joint.

inside Crown & Anchor

Dinner was okay.  The appetizers we chose were edible and fit for a bar (how else can I make my sarcasm known), but I don’t think they should be standard for the “#1 Pub in Monterey County” (ah, yes).  I wish I tried the pub foods but I already felt stuffed.  At least, we walked out with leftovers.

shrimp ceviche

The shrimp ceviche had puny shrimps.  I’ve made ceviche before and I was not stingy with the size of the shrimps.  Maybe if the ceviche was my first meal of the evening, I’d have done less grumbling but given everything else before this, well…

spicy wings

Spicy wings…  Pass.  It was too acidic for my taste.  The cook who made it got a little too happy with the vinegar.

Mussels in a Spicy Curried Sauce

This has got to be the saltiest mussel dish I’ve ever tasted and also the first time that the curry spices of a dish were hard to taste, and being that it’s called Mussels in a Spicy Curried Sauce, the curry should have been obvious.

What would make me return to Crown & Anchor?  My verdict is that I shan’t be returning any time in the future, unless a VIP in my life asks to go to the “#1 Pub in Monterey County” to which I would roll my eyes and go along to make her/him happy… even if it makes me unhappy.

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