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MC Frontalot at PAX 2010

7 Sep

We found ourselves in a sweet spot at the aisle seat of row R in Benaroya Hall during PAX 2010’s  Saturday concert.  One of Ryan’s  favorite musicians, that he got me hooked on to also, is MC Frontalot whose unique music has created a hip hop subgenre called nerdcore.  This is PAX numero quatro for us.  Last year, Frontalot performed for the Friday concert but not for Saturday so we missed him.  But this year, we endured a long serpentine queue to watch the concert.  Luckily, we made the cut in time to see MC Frontalot.  His performance was über fabulous.  Why?  How?  Because he sang “Shame of the Otaku”.  With Rai Kamishiro.  Awesome.

Frontalot finished off his performance with the song “Yellow Lasers” and the audience (especially those of us in the aisle seats) got a treat when MC Frontalot and friends marched off the stage with style, lead by Blak Lotus (Frontalot’s bassist), Paul from Paul and Storm, Gminor7 (Frontalot’s keyboardist), an unidentified special guy (if someone out there knows who he is, holler), Storm from Paul and Storm, The SturGENiUS (Frontalot’s  drummer), Jonathan Coulton, and la creme de la creme, MC Frontalot.

Watch the vid that my hubby took (with a Canon SD1100).