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I heart NaNoWriMo!

26 Nov

Today, I am a winner.  A NaNoWriMo winner!  70K+ words, baby.  That’s 77.017 x 10^3, to be perfectly obnoxious exact.  Three cheers for reading and writing! 

What makes my first novel tasty?  My friend, there’s chocolate involved.  If that isn’t tasty enough, there are also cookies, snogging, and brownies.  Yes, there’s also cheese.  Cheesiness, that is.  It’s a romantic-comedy novel and any good romance needs cheesy goodness. 

If I have a thank you speech (and I do), it’d include our friend, Andy — the good bloke who shared what NaNoWriMo is all about.  I got excited when I learned of the organization since I already have several unfinished stories sitting in my trusty laptop’s hard drive.  To be honest, the submission I made took >30 days to complete.  It’s a novel I started when I was 18, during the summer before I began my freshman year.  A decade plus ago.  So between then and now, my story went through a series of chapter deletions and updates.  If only I knew NaNoWriMo way back when… Oh well, that’s then and this is now and I’m very glad to have been introduced to it.  ANDYlicious, your NaNoWriMo plug was/is much appreciated.

Thanks for the recognition, NaNoWriMo!

Helles Bells is my writer tag.  With Helle coming from MicHELLE.  Indeed, sometimes I can be a hellion .  And the Hubz is a saint.  And that’s a story for another day.