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Screaming for Ice Cream

26 Mar

Our good friend and The Hubby‘s homeboy, Cesar, and Cesar’s friend, Corey produced a funny short worth sharing.  If you’d like something cute and funny to lighten your day, the short is worth viewing.  It’ll be less than three minutes of your time and you’ll get a smile out of it and maybe temporary hearing loss.  To prevent an earache or hearing loss, lower the volume.  The boys are a real scream.


It’s a little early for National Ice Cream Day, but what the hey, let’s celebrate.  I scream for ice cream.  The “Nooo Boyz” scream for ice cream.  We all scream for ice cream.



Blue Raspberries

1 Apr

This will blow your mind… blue raspberries.

Yes! Blue raspberries!

Can you believe it?  Can you? Can you?

I know I can’t.  The first time I saw them I went “Whoa!”  They’re mind-boggling, aren’t they.  I bet your visual-neural connection is taking its time getting used to the idea.  Can you imagine topping ice cream with a lone blue raspberry, or making blue raspberry pie?  Your guests would certainly be amazed.

I bet you’re thinking, “Where can I find them?”…  If there are specialty markets near you, check with the produce manager.  Otherwise you’ll just have to forego these fancy blue raspberries and go with regular raspberries.  You know, the red kind.  Bummer for you.

Workin’ Farmer Style

7 Dec

I have a deep abiding respect for people who work the land and sea.  My paternal grandparents were farmers throughout their working lives, with my paternal grandfather having been both a farmer and fisherman; as for my maternal grandfather, he was a forest ranger in his younger years.  People who make a career tilling the earth are hardworking folks who have to contend with elements outside of their control.  How’s that for work challenges.

While in msnNOW, I came across The Peterson Farm Bros’ parody on Gangnam Style called “Farmer Style” and I couldn’t help but smile.  Gangnam Style has less than 99 million views away from 1 billion views, while the more modest and very cute Farmer Style has over 2 million views.  Let’s help “Farmer Style” get more views, shall we.

“… Without the farmers workin’ we would all be starvin’.  You know what I’m sayin’!…”

On National Ice Cream Day

15 Jul

Cue the elegy.

Today, on National Ice Cream Day, I say goodbye to what used to be my favorite go-to ice cream… Breyers vanilla ice cream.  When I should have been enjoying a bowl of a favorite frozen treat, I found myself lamenting the ingredients list.  I’m afraid that because we’ve been so busy trying out local ice cream brands that hit the market the last five to six years, I’ve only recently noticed the ingredient change with Breyers vanilla ice cream.  All that on a cold, gloomy Sunday summer morning.

On a positive note, I can make ice cream.

During my preteen years, I saw Breyers commercials boasting the natural ingredients that a Breyers ice cream contains.  This one was the cutest.  The one below summed up in four words (ingredients, that is) why Breyers vanilla ice cream was my ice cream sweetheart for years.  (Years!)

Don’t you just love how on the lid it says in all caps, “VANILLA ICE CREAM MADE WITH REAL VANILLA BEAN FLECKS”.  And look how it says “Natural Vanilla”.

Yet, on the ingredients list, vanilla isn’t listed.  What then could be the “flecks” that are found in the ice cream?  As for the “Natural Vanilla” part, I suppose when it comes to interpretation, “NATURAL FLAVOR” could be anything.  And it could also be “Natural Vanilla”.

The next commercial is a little older and as you can see, Breyers still pointed out then how their ice cream is better compared to the other guys.

At a time when the public is moving towards wholesome natural foods and products, UNILEVER decided to take Breyers ice cream the opposite direction.  So UNILEVER, I just want to say… wtf?!  Oh hold on, let me go with the all caps… WTF?!

Missing California

12 Jun

It’s late spring and we’re eight days shy of when summer “officially” begins.  Thoughts of summer usually conjure up images of sunshine, the beach, berries, and melons, at least for me.  If you’re lacking in the imagination department and you can’t think up of what summer is about, here, let Google images help you.

These past few days, decked out in cool weather clothes, I’ve come close to making a live offering to various ancient sun gods and goddesses, just for a bit of sunshine.  I’ve even made appeals here and there to Ra.  This is how my appeal went…

Ra, Ra, he’s our man.  If he can’t do it, no one can.  Yeah! Ra!

It’s important that you flail your arms around and leap around with joy.  There is no other way to speak to Ra.

For those of you in cities suffering a lack of sunshine, please feel free to use the cheer.  I mean, appeal.  Yesterday, my sun god, Ra, came through.  Even a few hours of sun and warmth felt like heaven.

Under normal conditions (meaning any other season but summer), I enjoy the grayness and cool weather here, but when we’re closing in on summer and there’s nothing but “showers”, “mostly cloudy”, and “partly cloudy” (why can’t they even call it “partly sunny”) in the forecast (I mean, just look at the chart below!), it makes me feel like the gods are laughing at us.  And surely Ra laughed at my attempts to get his attention.  On the sunny side, we get three days of sunshine six days after summer begins.

I had good reasons for leaving the Golden State and choosing to live (temporarily) in the Evergreen State, but with the weather being the way it is, all I can think of is California.  California with its sunshine.  California with its over 840 miles of coastline.  California with its beaches.  California…