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Poutine marathon

25 Mar

Warning: Do Not Attempt

Unless you’re into fries, gravy, and cheese—mmm, all foods fat and fabulous.  Someone in Geeks are Sexy coined poutine as “the ultimate geek food” and I couldn’t agree more.  One needs a correct amount and specific types of fats and proteins to maintain brain function; I suppose given all that neural activity occurring in a geek’s brain, it stands to reason why poutine would make a terrific snack (isn’t that right, babe?). Though nutritionists and dieticians probably do not classify poutine as brain food, but what the hey.

One weekend ago, we crossed the border for poutine.  When Mr. Border Patrol Agent asked us what our reason was for visiting Vancouver, we said, “Poutine.”  We were quite serious.  Perhaps he cracked a smile.  I’m uncertain.  At any rate, the places we hit are as follows:

The Templeton – 1087 Granville Street, Vancouver, B.C.


Our opinion:  Potatoes fried well-crisp that held up well to the generous smothering of gravy.  The portion is also pretty generous.  My only criticism about Templeton’s poutine is that the gravy, which is on the salty side, overpowered the dish, especially since there weren’t enough curds to give the dish a well-rounded flavor. 

Belgian Fries – 1185 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, B.C.


Our opinion: Lovely gravy and large chunks of curds!  The potatoes though were more moist than crispy.  We actually reserved a batch for take-away—the result was a nice soggy mess that was wonderfully tasty which could have been due to the potatoes having sopped up the gravy’s flavor.

Fritz European Fry House – 718 Davie Street, Vancouver, B.C.


Our opinion: We went to Fritz last because we knew that it would be a sure thing.  It was actually only last year that we discovered poutine and hence Fritz.  Fritz serves, what to us is, the perfect poutine. Potatoes fried to ideal crispness, with liberal dousing of gravy and sizeable chunks of curds.  

The whole purpose of our poutine marathon was to taste test other places and I’m glad to say that we weren’t disappointed.  Now we know that if we’re out of the way from Fritz, Belgian Fries and The Templeton stand and deliver. 

On our way home, we talked about not doing the marathon again for another year.  But I have a feeling (Ryan will start craving it again soon no doubt) it won’t be long before we do it again.