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14 Aug

How does one say thank you to friends who gave up a Saturday/Sunday to help on moving day?  Our answer is, by serving a nice lunch.

I channelled my mother’s Spanish ancestors to get the tapas right.  Since it is a heritage I can’t run from, and though I didn’t inherit the deep set, large dark eyes that Spanish folks are known for (my younger sisters have that arguable honor), the least I could do is recognize this blip in my ancestral heritage by learning and appreciating the cuisine.  As I told our friends, I hope that I didn’t fail my maternal ancestors.  The last thing I want is one or two Spanish Conquistadores haunting me.  Ay dios mio

To our good friends, muchas gracias muchachos y muchachas.  We hope that you all enjoyed the tapas as much as we appreciated your help on our moving day.

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