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Melon Shake

12 Aug

Last Sunday, we hit a scorcher at 93°F, which is just shy of 5.6°F compared to our internal body temp.  Yes, that’s bloody warm (pun intended).  Islanders have devised various ways of cooling off – from taking a long dip in the water (for those lucky enough to live near a body of water or a pool), having mid-day cold showers, enjoying iced treats, to standing in front of a fan or fanning themselves wild (which really only has an opposite effect… I’ll let you think about the “why?” on this one).  As we are enjoying, or not enjoying, summer heat in Earth’s Northern Hemisphere and maybe wishing for cool weather, Curiosity is experiencing extreme weather.  Lucky us, we’re not in Mars.  Yet.

Today, we will hit a high at 81°F.  Not bad compared to last week, but still very warm nonetheless.  I could use a nice chilled drink…

My islander parents have treated my sisters and me to various tropical iced drinks and shaved ice desserts when the weather is hot.  As a result of a long history of being exposed to cold treats, I’m big on chilled desserts and drinks.  A favorite is an iced cantaloupe drink that involves shredding the melon (with a neat tool specific for it) and letting the dainty shreds “sit” in sweetened water for a couple of hours.  Then you pour the melon water into a glass with ice.  Sometimes condense milk is added to increase the sweetness.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the melon shredding tool, so I turned to my blender to help me create a cantaloupe shake.  Simple and quick.

Melon Shake

2 cups cubed cantaloupes (or a melon of your choice)
1 cup herbal tea (or any tea of your choice)
1/2 cup vanilla ice cream (optional)
Honey, to taste

In a blender, puree the cantaloupe, tea, ice cream, and honey.  Separation will occur, so just stir with a straw or a stirring stick.

Smile and enjoy.