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Oriental Mart

14 Jan

The famous Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle is without a doubt a place where any food lover can lose herself or himself in;  it’s by far, one of my favorite places.  I could spend a day in Pike Place and it would feel like it’s my first time there all over again.  When I worked in DT Seattle, I would find excuses to walk to Pike Place; it wasn’t just a physical exercise, it was also a mental one.  The bustling market is filled with so many amazing sights, smells, and sounds, which change everyday: the locals and tourists, the food, and the musicians all play a part in making Pike Place Market a one-of-a-kind market.  If you love reading and you happen to enjoy children’s books, A Day at the Market by local author, Sara Anderson, is wonderful to read and view.

Pike Place Market Post Alley

In Post Alley of Pike Place Market, you’ll find shops and vendors with wares as unique as they are.  At Oriental Mart, you’ll find a mishmash of Asian groceries and knick-knacks, and the store also serves popular Filipino dishes such as chicken adobo, longaniza, and pancit.  The ladies behind the counter are amiable and put their customers at ease with their friendly chats.

Oriental Mart

After spending part of the morning at Benaroya Hall (me) and the downtown Seattle Library (The Hubby), The Hubby and I rejoined in front of the library then walked together to Pike Place for lunch.  Lunch was a shared plate filled with rice swimming in adobo sauce, pancit, longaniza, and chicken adobo.  To sum up our lunch, it was malinamnam (that’s yummy or “nom nom” in Tagalog).

longaniza, chicken adobo, pancit, and rice

The shop is also known for their salmon soup which was already nearly finished for the day except for the broth.  They were kind enough to give us a small bowl por gratis.  The broth had a pleasant sourness to it; if the soup was done to the style of sinigang, then tamarind was used to flavor it.  I can understand why the soup was almost done.  It’s cold here and it makes for a great winter soup!

salmon soup broth

Filipino cuisine uses down-home cooking, its ingredients are humble and it’s all about taste… I consider Filipino cooking as the soul food of Asian cuisines.  If you like Filipino food, or if you’re never had any before and you’re interested in trying it, give it a go at Oriental Mart.

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