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Seafood Guides

21 Mar

Frank, a good dude friend who’s currently working on his chiropractic doctorate, and a fellow seafood lover, recommended two seafood guides.  The program he’s undertaking require nutrition courses and he felt compelled to share a couple of useful resources.  Thanks for being thoughtful, Frank!

The guides are from the Environmental Defense Fund whose mission is “to preserve the natural systems on which all life depends” using science and economics as models to “find practical and lasting solutions to the most serious environmental problems”.  Many fish species are in trouble around the globe due to the collapse of their habitats or destroyed due to manmade disasters, like the BP oil spill.  The least we can do, for the sake of our oceans and our health, is to refer to guides that help in choosing safe seafood.

One of the guides that Frank passed along is a sushi pocket guide; very helpful when in Japanese restaurants or in sushi bars.  Click on the “Sushi Selector” image below for the complete guide.

EDF sushi selector

For those who enjoy cooking and eating seafood, the “Complete List of Seafood and Eco-Ratings” guide is useful.  From abalone to wreckfish (my image stops at crawfish though), the list will help you figure out which fish are best or worst for you and the oceans.  To see the complete guide, click on the image.

EDF Seafood Eco-Ratings

Our environment needs all the help we can give especially since we’ve taken so much from it, so give these guides a try.  Here’s to our environment and our health!