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I doughnut belong here

26 Jan

I’m 26 days late with this greeting, but you know that popular saying… “Better late than never”… well, I’m going to employ it.  So Happy New Year!  26 days later…

El hubby guapo forwarded a yummy twist on the chorus of Radiohead’s woeful and gripping song, “Creep”.  See the original on 9GAG.  This popular heartbreaking song has never sounded so delicious.

Have fun singing along to Crepe “Creep”.  Don’t get too hungry.

CORRECTION: Original source is from tumblr, not 9GAG.

A crêpe fascination

20 Jun

The crêpe queen in the family is Claire.  While in Poland four years ago, a young French woman in her volunteer teaching group taught her and the other volunteers how to make the popular French pancake for a cultural event.  Claire’s story is that there’s no way she could not have learned how to make it—after making a hundred of it for the event, she was bound to memorize the recipe and technique.

Claire is so good at making crêpe that at the time, I settled for making good ol’ ordinary pancake.  Why compete with a good thing.   Her crêpes always turn out great; mine would turn out edible but certainly not great.   A favorite dessert crêpe which she makes is rolled crêpe stuffed with Nutella and dusted with powdered sugar.

Well, Claire doesn’t live near me so if I want crêpe, I have to make it.

So I did.

Here’s my crêpe in the making (or as I see it, desperation and yearning in the making).

The finished product sans adornment.

The finished product topped with hazelnut cocoa crème and garnished with desiccated coconut (I had Ryan in mind when I added the coconut).

I think it’s not bad.  I’m sure my sister would give it two thumbs way up if she got to taste it for herself. Because I got to taste it and I sure am giving myself two thumbs way up.