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Crab paté in a tube

16 Aug

Found at Ikea: Crab paté in a tube

Yesterday, while browsing Ikea’s Swedish food market, a tube, specifically a tube containing crab paté, caught our attention.  We were curious of course so we picked one up plus crisp breads.  I daresay it’s as easy as adding one to one to put together that they’d make a good pair.

Ikea crisp bread and crab pate

Ikea crab pate

I’m actually a fan of Swedish cuisine.  Pickled fish on buttered toasted bread!  Yum yum!  Ooh, plus the jams!  The Swedes certainly know their jellies and jams.  For breakfast, we’ve actually been having PB&J sandwiches which we make interesting by varying the “J” part.  Right now, cloudberry jelly gets my vote.  Sorry blueberry, you’ve been ousted.  Ryan may be reading this with a surprised look.  “Since when did Michelle ever turn down blueberry?” is probably what he’s thinking.  Anyway, returning to the topic at hand…

The verdict:  I had my doubts at first but the taste isn’t bad at all.  It doesn’t have that same fresh seafood taste that a made-from-scratch crab paté would have but it still makes for a quick and easy snack.

Crab pate on crisp bread