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Brouwer’s Cafe

3 Oct

We unexpectedly celebrated Oktoberfest when we found ourselves in Brouwer’s Café in Fremont, one of the more fun neighborhoods of Seattle.  I like Portland and I don’t think Portlandians would take any offense if I were to describe Fremont as “Little Portland”, and Portland as “Big Fremont”, with both places having a laid-back and indie atmosphere, in a nutshell.  And if any Portlandians do take any offense, they have my apologies… and my surprise. Green Lake Trail - Seattle Back to Oktoberfest and accidentally celebrating it… Continue reading


SPUD Seattle Closing its Doors

19 Sep

Come this Thursday, September 25, SPUD Seattle will make its last delivery.  For loyal SPUD customers out there like me, the news is an unhappy one.

SPUD Seattle closes

We started using SPUD’s grocery delivery service in February 2011, took a break then restarted the service again in 2012, and have continuously been with SPUD Seattle since.  Here are my first SPUD Seattle review and my second SPUD Seattle review.  Continue reading

Katsu Burger

19 Aug

How would you feel like if you found a restaurant, or any place at all, that you really like and then find out several days later that it has closed?  A real bummer, huh.

Katsu Burger Seattle

Katsu Burger has been on our list of “restaurants to try” for a couple of years and we didn’t get around to checking it out until over a weekend ago.  This out-of-the-way (for us) Japanese pop culture themed, eccentric joint, in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood, serving Japanese style burgers burrowed its way into my burger lovin’ heart.  Of course, the fried burger does my heart more bad than good, but that’s besides the point. Continue reading

Hello The Sims 4

7 Aug

Like any loyal Simmers out there, I can’t wait to say “Sul sul” to The Sims 4!  Having been a player of The Sims since the rollickin’ early 2000’s and having experienced the game play improve with each new generation, I’m over-excited about The Sims 4.  I had a blast with The Sims 3 and even made short videos.  Missed seeing them?  Here, click on the links: “Cooking with the Sims“, “Summer Isle with the Sims 3“, and “How to make wine with the Sims“.  I also made a couple of private short videos as gifts for friends… they’re private so no links for you.

Promotion for EA Maxis’ The Sims 4 is ramping up.  The Hubby pointed my attention to The Sims 4 – Weirder Stories Official Trailer opening up with “the least most interesting Sim in the world”.  But hot damn, can he make pancakes.

I don’t know how to say pancakes in Simlish, but chumcha is pizza, and shurb for shake, while being “so hungry” is zo hungwah.  You can now say, “Hello, so hungry. Pizza. Shake.” in Simlish: “Sul sul, zo hungwah. Chumchah! Shurb!”  Okay, dag dag.

The Besty

18 Apr

There’s a nifty search engine focusing on food and restaurants called TheBesty.  What makes the TheBesty unique from the rest is that it’s a place where foodies and your favorite food bloggers have teamed up by letting TheBesty know their top ten restaurants.  Urbanspoon and Yelp are at your service when you need to find reviews of a restaurant you’re thinking of.  But if you want a filter of favorite restaurants, then there’s TheBesty for you.



As any top ten lists go, we all know that it’s almost always a work-in-progress and the list could change any time.  So best keep TheBesty at your fingertips to know what’s on.

When I was asked what my top ten list of favorite restaurants is, I thought it was a good question and had to think about it.  It took me a bit and here it is.  My list is a work-in-progress too.  The Besty would work best when everyone joins in on the fun and share their top ten favorite food places, so go on and share your top ten favorite restaurant list at TheBesty.