TAP 415

5 Jan

It was a gray, dreary day in San Francisco.  A first, since there’s usually sunshine shining down on “The City by The Bay” whenever we’ve visited.  But during this past December, it was blessedly raining… raining and helping provide that area of The Golden State with much-needed water.

Our main purpose for being in SF that one rainy day was to visit a family friend.  It isn’t always easy getting a hold of this busy Mom of two beautiful girls and also working to complete her California RN license requirements.  Between juggling motherhood and demands on her schedule, Eva managed a get-together.  It appears I’ve fallen under “demands on her schedule”, but just as well if it means hanging out even for a spell.

While texting and phone chatting, Eva asked several times where The Hubby and I wanted to eat, and The Hubby asked me the same question too as we drove to SF.  My answers consisted of exercising my prerogative to change my mind several times in the span of 60 minutes.  Maybe a rate of a different food type every 5 minutes or so.  After driving about, and walking up and down Market St. (in the rain with one meager umbrella designed for one person but was being used to protect our friend’s gift), I thought of Chinatown.  I imagined dim sum dishes stack high because I was ready for a rumble.

In the end, we decided to stay close to where we were and ended up going to TAP 415 in Westfield Centre.  So happy that we did.  There were other eateries to choose from but TAP 415 made the most sense.

Eva is a generous soul and so I was not surprised that she covered our lunch.  We protested, but she insisted that it was her holiday gift, and thus, we amicably accepted.

For our “rainy December day in SF” lunch at TAP 415, we shared the Reuben Tater Tots and Bavarian Style Pretzel Nuggets.  We didn’t share the Wild Mushroom Sandwich (Eva’s), TAP Burger (The Hubby’s), and the Local Squash Soup (mine, all mine!).  The tater tots had all the taste trappings of a Reuben and its bite-size shape is a threat to your diet, if you’re dieting, and the same goes for the size of the pretzel nuggets and cheese fondue.  Do the fondue, I promise that you won’t regret it.  While I can’t describe the sandwiches, The Hubby and Eva had only positive things to say about the sandwiches they ordered.  The squash soup was…I don’t like this word but I’m using it anyway for lack of a better word… perfect.  The soup was warm, creamy, and squash-y, and perfect after spending time in the rain.

It was already after lunch when we arrived at TAP 415, but it was still busy.  We were also seated quickly and the staff members all moved pretty fast.

If it weren’t for our friend suggesting that we go “Under the Dome” inside Westfield Centre, we’d have missed this place.  What a shame it’d have been to miss this awesome joint.

TAP 415, please don’t change and please don’t go.

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One Response to “TAP 415”

  1. Ryan 13, January 2015 at 9:55 am #

    I wouldn’t complain if a plate of those pretzel nuggets with cheese sauce materialized in front of me right now. (but I’m not being choosy, I’d accept previously-frozen pretzels and the-better-queso from a jar)

    My burger’s tempura bacon won in the burger ensemble contest.

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