22 Nov

Cold weather? Check.  Shorter daylight hours? Check.  November? Check.  Comfort food munchies? Check, check, check.

There’s something about the fall and winter seasons that psychologically prods some of us to want and maybe even need comfort foods.  While I’m a noodle fiend, The Hubby loves sandwiches and wraps (Do wraps fall under the sandwiches category? Just wondering…), and he likes gyros with the same zeal as I have for two bowls of tonkotsu ramen.

Shawarmaniac in Kirkland was an accidental find.  A Shawarmaniac promo leaflet lying around at work caught The Hubby’s attention.  He made a note of it and emailed it my way.  My inbox gets filled with notes of restaurants for us to try, thanks to The Hubby.  That list grows longer each year so it’s nice that we actually ended up trying Shawarmaniac during its opening year.

We ordered a take-out of beef shawarma for The Hubby and falafel platter for me.  The falafel with rice, hummus, and pita left me content.  With 5 tasty crunchy-on-the-outside-soft-inside falafel balls, who’d be disappointed?  The garlic fries sprinkled with feta were so easy to eat, I can’t believe we didn’t end up scarfing them down.

While my falafel platter was great, The Hubby’s beef shawarma made me jealous.  The creamy hot sauce drizzled onto the shawarma would be enough to make a grown man cry for joy.  We’d have to return so I can get my own order of shawarma.  I can look forward to a next time because Shawarmaniac is worth a return visit.  Any one out there craving for healthy fast food should give Shawarmaniac a go.

Shawarmaniac on Urbanspoon

One Response to “Shawarmaniac”

  1. Ryan 13, January 2015 at 10:00 am #

    I want to say the fries themselves have room for improvement but we didn’t eat them until after a half-hour drive home at which point it’s possible only the garlic/feta combo kept them alive.

    That beef shawarma is one of those combinations that is repeatable at any point between noon and 3am anytime.

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