Brouwer’s Cafe

3 Oct

We unexpectedly celebrated Oktoberfest when we found ourselves in Brouwer’s Café in Fremont, one of the more fun neighborhoods of Seattle.  I like Portland and I don’t think Portlandians would take any offense if I were to describe Fremont as “Little Portland”, and Portland as “Big Fremont”, with both places having a laid-back and indie atmosphere, in a nutshell.  And if any Portlandians do take any offense, they have my apologies… and my surprise. Green Lake Trail - Seattle Back to Oktoberfest and accidentally celebrating it… we ended up choosing Brouwer’s Café from a long list of eateries.  It’s nice to have options but sometimes, it’s just overwhelming.  We filtered down our choices when we realized that we both wanted pub foods.

Hankering for fries, but not for any meats, I went with the easy choice of Mussels and Frites and with another order of Frites on the side, which I dipped with gusto in the Mussels’ creamy sauce.  I’ve eaten plenty of molluscs (cephalopods and bivalves), and even cook them occasionally, so it was nice to come across one that made me go, “Ooh, very nice soft mussels.”  Despite the sauce being on the salty side, it was still lovely.  The Hubby went with Roast Beef ‘n Cheddar and Falafel Fries, washed down with Firestone Walker Oaktoberfest and No-Li Rise and Grind Stout.  The buns used for the sandwich were pillowy soft and the roast beef was tender.  I’d dare say that it was a rather dreamy sandwich, while the falafel fries were hearty.

With The Hubby’s Deutsche heritage on his maternal side, we ought to take advantage of Oktoberfest’s two-week plus celebration of good brews and traditional German eats.  Regrettably, we didn’t have any type of German foods while at Brouwer’s (maybe the Roast Beef ‘n Cheddar comes the closest), so it gives us an excuse to return and make up for it.  Although, even without any excuse, Brouwer’s Café, where it feels like Oktoberfest any day thanks to its daily “Power Hour” and friendly staff, is worth the trip for us.  It also helps that it’s right next to the Theo Chocolate Factory Retail Store.  (My name is Michelle.  I’m a chocoholic.)

Brouwer's Café on Urbanspoon

*Thanks to The Hubby for taking some of the photos on my behalf.


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  1. Ryan 3, October 2014 at 3:27 pm #

    Good beer list, probably should go back and investigate more of the foods and beer, for science. Reviews of the two beers: and

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