Doughnut Day 2014

5 Jun

It’s The Salvation Army that gets a big thanks for coming up with one of our more scrumptious food holidays – National Doughnut Day – to honor the people who served donuts to soldiers during World War I.  Every first Friday of June, we get to celebrate the good works and good taste of the men and women volunteers who helped out during the First World War.

This ring-shaped humble treat is easily maligned by diet gurus, when it’s nothing but a fried and sweetened dough, big on calories and character because one can do so much with donuts.  When it comes to getting creative with donuts, we like to make sandwiches with ours.  An easy one for us is a peanut butter and bacon donut.  A PB and B donut sandwich!

Donut Sandwich - Donut Day 2014

Donut shops usually get in the spirit of this food holiday and two popular national donut franchises: Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme will be offering free donuts.  The promotional page for Krispy Kreme currently says June 7th (maybe someone will change it) so you might want to check with your choice of Krispy Kreme location first before you go in expecting a free donut.

I think donuts are dangerous to make at home and we also have our trusted donut shop so we have no need to make our own.  There are tons of good donut recipes out there and I wish I have a personal one to share.  If you’re looking for an easy one, here’s a donut recipe that’s REAL SIMPLE (wink!).

Happy Doughnut Day!


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