The Besty

18 Apr

There’s a nifty search engine focusing on food and restaurants called TheBesty.  What makes the TheBesty unique from the rest is that it’s a place where foodies and your favorite food bloggers have teamed up by letting TheBesty know their top ten restaurants.  Urbanspoon and Yelp are at your service when you need to find reviews of a restaurant you’re thinking of.  But if you want a filter of favorite restaurants, then there’s TheBesty for you.



As any top ten lists go, we all know that it’s almost always a work-in-progress and the list could change any time.  So best keep TheBesty at your fingertips to know what’s on.

When I was asked what my top ten list of favorite restaurants is, I thought it was a good question and had to think about it.  It took me a bit and here it is.  My list is a work-in-progress too.  The Besty would work best when everyone joins in on the fun and share their top ten favorite food places, so go on and share your top ten favorite restaurant list at TheBesty.

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