Crabby Patty’s

1 Mar

When you’re in Havelock, North Carolina, you need to have seafood, and you need to have it at Crabby Patty’s.  Was I being cheesy?  Yes, I was.  Was I also being serious about promoting Crabby Patty’s in Havelock, NC as a have-to-go place for seafood?  Yes, I also was.

The Hubby’s grandparents, whom we refer to as the “Grandparents G.”, call Craven County (located in the mid-coastal part of North Carolina) home.  We visited the grandparents for what felt like a short time and saw some fascinating historical places, with the city of Beaufort being one of them.

Beaufort, North Carolina

We happen to all love seafood and one of the grandparents’ favorite restaurants is a seafood restaurant called Crabby Patty’s.  The place is known for good seafood so we had to try it, of course.

Crabby Patty's in Havelock, North Carolina

The restaurant is right along Main St./Hwy 70 and pretty easy to spot.  Inside, the restaurant is well-lit, and the din of diners talking and enjoying their meal makes for a comfortable setting.

Crabby Patty's

My dates were fun.  Here’s my main squeeze reading his menu.

The Hubby-Chronic Cravings

And here are the grandparents reading both their menus.

Grandparents G-Chronic Cravings

I barely scanned the menu since I cheated and memorized some of the dishes before going to the restaurant.  I knew that if I had to read the menu at the restaurant that I would end up taking my time deciding what to have and probably leave my dates antsy, so I prepared ahead of time.  I knew what I wanted to get… Crabby Patty!  It’s not quite the krabby patty made by SpongeBob SquarePants, but what makes them similar is that some ingredients for both patties are apparently a secret.

Crabby Patty is real

We started off with Catfish Fingers and the Seafood Sampler.  The catfish fingers were deep-fried and came out tender.  No chewiness at all.  It’s the best catfish we’ve had so far.  It took some discipline not to make a second order of it.

Crabby Patty's- Cafish Fingers

The seafood sampler consisted of clam strips, calamari, and fried shrimp.  No substitutions allowed for the sampler.  As if we would anyway.  We were very happy with the parts and parcels.

Crabby Patty's-Seafood Sampler

For our entrées, The Hubby and Grandma G. both ordered crab cakes with their choice of sides, while Grandpa G. went with shrimp burger, and I chose the crabby pattyThe Hubby’s side choices were great.  The hush puppies were crisp on the outside but with a moist inside.  The collard greens were fine, but it was missing that acidic kick and was milder than what I’m used to.

Crabby Patty's-Med Crab Cake

With the evil-minded Plankton not within sight, I ate my crabby patty feeling safe and secure.  I thought the crabby patty was tasty and the fries even tastier.

Crabby Patty's-Crabby Patty

We thought we were done but we couldn’t pass up the chance to try a couple of other items on the menu.  Specifically, the steamed shrimp with old bay and the steamed oysters.

Crabby Patty's-Steamed Shrimp

I usually like oysters raw or grilled, but since the option to steam was available, The Hubby and I decided to give it a try, and we’re glad we did.  Steamed oysters are less slimy than raw versions, and may be more appetizing for those put off by the sliminess.

Crabby Patty's-Steamed Oysters

The fun night was finished off with a song and cupcake for Grandma G., the birthday girl, and cannoli (not pictured) to go.  Good food, good company, and good times.  We missed out on the calypso shrimp and soft shell crab burger and so we’d really like to return next time we’re in town.

Do we love seafood?  Oh, do we ever.  We see food and we eat it.  Was I still being cheesy?  Yes, I still was.  But who can blame me.  I love seafood, and it’s a trial not be cheesy, cutesy, and mushy about something one loves.

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2 Responses to “Crabby Patty’s”

  1. Ryan 28, March 2014 at 9:32 am #

    I can’t forget the fried catfish. The pieces were sized appropriately to maintain a good balance between crispy fried batter and fish. They were cooked just the point of being done and no more and the fish was cleaned well so they weren’t dry and fishy but light, juicy, and yummy. Oh yes, and the fried clam, calamari, and shrimp, more please.

    The crab cake wasn’t full of filler ingredients and the sides were simple and tasty. Though the coleslaw a little more saucy than ideal and the collard greens were softer and milder than I was hoping.

    Of course the best part of the meal were those at the table. And the long run afterwards just to balance things out. =)

    • chroniccravings 28, March 2014 at 5:00 pm #

      Our enthusiastic seafood binge made Grandpa G. playfully comment that we wouldn’t be allowed to fly due to weight regulations. But running around the airport the day after helped and we got to fly after all. 😉

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