America is Beautiful

3 Feb

Last night, my neighbors lit fireworks to celebrate the Seattle Seahawks’ first Lombardi Trophy.  Thankfully, at the point the fireworks began, I already finished watching review clips of the game I missed and knew the HAWKS had won.  Like millions of other American families, my family would have a mini-party on Super Bowl Sunday, but since leaving home, I stopped following good ol’ American football and only just recently got caught up in it because both the 49ers and Seahawks made it to the Playoffs, and then the Seahawks made it to the championships.  My sisters who are currently living in England are excited for me because I live in Washington State and that the state football team won Super Bowl XLVIII.  Kat, the biggest sports fanatic in our family, has given me enough congratulatory messages to the point that it made me tell her that I’d pass on her message to the HAWKS.

One of the mainstays of Super Bowl is the ads, and one beverage-related commercial caught my attention because it was done beautifully.  Those of you who watched the game yesterday surely came across Coca-Cola’s America is Beautiful ad.  For those of you (including me) who missed it, it’s worth watching.


My purpose of sharing the ad is because of its message of unity.  I’m not in any way suggesting people go out and drink soda, and my public health education suggests otherwise.  I’m not one to recommend soft drinks and I’m not one to condemn others who drink it.  In any case, if you do drink pop, do drink responsibly, and let’s all work in keeping the United State united.


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