Race Street Seafood Kitchen

27 Dec

When in California and staying with our families, we don’t have the need to eat out as is usually the case for most people when visiting families and relatives.  The only time eating out is entailed while on family visits is when we’re out and about.  Sometimes we forget to pack snacks while on a day trip, and sometimes we deliberately do not, like on the day The Hubby, Kara (my SIL), and I went to Ice Center Cupertino.

Each of us haven’t ice skated for years and it’s enough to say that made it all the more fun.  There were kids who probably could barely walk but were ice skating as if they’re “Stars on Ice“.  Here’s a video of how our skating day went.

After a good workout of trying not to butt-plant or face-plant on ice, Kara and I headed to Race St. Seafood Kitchen as planned, while The Hubby went off to run errands.  We were hungry and we knew that we’ve earned our fried food.

Race Street Seafood Kitchen

San Jose is part of the Bay Area but more inland, leaving me pretty doubtful that any seafood place in SanJo would be any good.  The Hubby and I are both seafood fanatics and so are many of our family members.  The last time Kara and I went out together was before we were in-laws at another seafood joint, but then it was at Alki Beach in West Seattle – I know she’s a seafood fan too so I searched online for a seafood place and found Race St. Seafood Kitchen.

Race St. Seafood San Jose

Kara ordered a combo plate of Crab Cake & Fish with a side of Fried Zucchini.  I first ordered Squid & Fish, but much to my chagrin they were out of squid.  I felt like saying “Dammit!” out loud but I didn’t.  Instead, my mental gears played the much-loved but melodramatic “Christmas Time is Here“.  I’ve been wanting tentacles for weeks and I expected a seafood place to have it available.  But noooo.  Dammit.  Anyhow, I was more hungry than miffed so I made a hasty decision and ordered Panko Calamari & Fish.  Calamari is squid.  Squid is calamari.  Same thing but different end result.  For my side order, I couldn’t pass up onion rings.  By the way, the fish part of the combo menu is Alaska Pollock.

Race St. Seafood

Happily, Race St. Seafood Kitchen did not disappoint.  Kara and I both enjoyed our fried seafood choices and we liked that the eatery is casual and family-friendly.  We got there late afternoon and saw the place fill up as dinner time rolled.  Seeing a restaurant fill up and buzz during meal hours is enough validity of its following.

Next time The Hubby and I are back in San Jose (yes, we know the way), we’ll make an excuse to return.  I’ll probably want squid then too.

Race Street Seafood Kitchen on Urbanspoon


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