Saimin Says

25 Aug

Aloha from Kent, a city south of Seattle, and home to Saimin Says, a small restaurant bringing island spirit to transplanted Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders.  We found it by doing a Bing search for “Hawaiian foods” while at the area.  Saimin Says showed up in the results and we couldn’t pass it up after viewing the menu. Saimin Says - Kent, WA The main menu showed different types of “min” and with me being a noodle fan (oh-ho, more like fanatic), I did my best puppy eyes impression and told The Hubby that I found my snack.  He said that it’s close to dinner time and that a noodle bowl is too big to have for a snack.  Then he saw the menu himself, saw the plate lunch and moco options, and we reached an agreement. Saimin Says There was something about the laid-back atmosphere, the smell of island food wafting in the air, and local Hawaiian music playing in the background that mentally whisked me back to Hawaii.  Can’t you hear the waves crashing off the distance… "Simple Saimin" from Saimin Says My saimin was just right… even on a hot summer afternoon.  The broth and noodles were slurp-worthy.  There is no shame in eating saimin the right way, and the right way means slurping it up. "Mochiko Chicken" from Saimin Says The mochiko chicken was a big heap, and came with a heavy scoop of rice and mac.  The popcorn chicken was crunchy and made a perfect “snack”.

The food was ono and the staff were easy to talk to.  For the Hawaiian locals here who miss home or for the mainlanders who’ve been to Hawaii and want a taste of the islands again, Saimin Says is the place to get your aloha on.

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